The sunlight creeps into the room, like a thief in the night.
Her position is pitiful.
Can’t be free when it’s her time.
Can’t be free overtime.
She only wants someone to accept her, appreciate her,
Appreciate her persistence, diligence and loyalty.
Turning up, failing not a single day.
Yet, all they do is point put her imperfections.
And she takes them all, never replying to them once.
They want her a little, but not too much.
And either way, she loses.
What should she do? Stay silent,
Even when she believes that
Vengeance is sweet?
This is her dilemma.
Her principles and beliefs one side
And her conscience on other.

Bucket List


Recently, while sifting through old diaries and journal, I came across a list that I had prepared last January as a Bucket List which I found was amazing! I couldn’t believe I was a child with such depth. Impressed, I thought I’d post it.
Here it goes:

1. Fill the bookshelf.
2. Watch the sun rise in Delhi.
3. Plant a tree and take care of it.
4. Watch a One Tree Hill marathon.
5. Top a subject constantly for a year.
6. Have a 1 am scooty ride.
7. Prepare a five course meal for the family.
8. Organize a karaoke night and participate.
9. Dance in the first rain of the season.
10. Do something you’ve never done before. (Doesn’t include anything like jumping of the roof!)
11. Prepare an outfit for yourself and wear it on your birthday.
12. Visit Old Delhi and collect souvenirs.
13. Organize a cleanliness drive and participate.
14. Run in a marathon.
15. Watch live theatre (plays and performances).
16. Visit CP and have a coffee at Starbucks (No, I’ve never had one.).
17. Visit an orphanage and spend the day there.
18. Skydive/Bungee jump.
19. Reveal a secret to a stranger.
20. Kiss someone you love 500 times.
21. Party all night.
22. Study the entire night.
23. Complete a story and get it published.
24. Attain a scholarship to Yale/Duke/Oxford/Cambridge/Harvard.
25. Attend a concert.
26. Spend a day sleeping.
27. Prepare an oil painting.
28. Be generous. Part with something you love.
29. Go on a shopping spree.
30. Visit SRK/OTH cast/Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence.
31. Unite two lovers.
32. Organize a dare night/treasure hunt.
33. Master a musical instrument.
34. Have a 3 am conversation with your bestie.
35. Handle the house chores for a day.
36. Participate in an interschool competition.
37. Organize a night over for friends.
38. Celebrate Diwali in the morning.
39. Click a selfie at Taj mahal at dawn.  UPDATE: Completed on April 4, 2015.
40. Visit Daryaganj and buy second hand books.
41. Have dinner at the Taj.
42. Bake a cake at eat it too.
43. Learn a language on your own.
44. Record a song.
45. Buy an antique camera.
46. Redecorate your room.
47. Organize the closet.
48. Lose some weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
49. Get a summer job.
50. Eat chinese from outside at 2am.
51. Eat an entire tub of ice cream while watching Kal Ho Naa Ho.
52. Organize a surprise party for someone.
Well, it was not a part of the list but it’s very important to me,
53. Get 300 followers on WP.

How is it? How many have you done? Is it exciting? I love the ideas. As I recall, I’d initially planned for it to be a yearly challenge, but seeing some items, I don’t think it’s possible. So, it’ll be my bucket list.

Hope, Happiness and Life.

What do you want from life?

I hope tomorrow that I’ll have the perfect house.
A loving family, a caring spouse.
Tomorrow is what hope brings to me.
I hope tomorrow I’ll be better financially.
I’ll lead a normal life, maybe a few ups and downs.
That my life has colors, not just white and grey.
I hope that I have an AC, a car, a phone.
I hope that I go on and on and on.
I hope that I have a long way to go.
Accomplishing everything as I go.
Tomorrow, I hope comes to me.
It’s all a part of life. You see, I just want to be happy.

Oh, Wait,
There’s the difference between you and me.
I’ve seen real life difficulty.
While you hope for a house, a car,
There are some who sleep beneath the stars.
While you hope for an AC in the summers,
There are people who go empty stomached.
While you hope for an even better life,
I’ll give up anything to trade your life.
So maybe, you shouldn’t say that to me.
Because what little you have is everything to many.
Be happy with what you have, not sad because of what you need.
Think of others, help them before you wish for betterment. You’ll see,
Life will surprise you with what you wish.
Make it your goal to make someone’s life rich.
Making someone’s tomorrow better that today.
Because that’s what true happiness is.


Bookworm’s Delight: Gone Girl

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn is a crime fiction that falls short of brilliant because of it’s ending. It is a story of Nick who has a troubled marriage with his wife, Amy. On their fifth marriage anniversary, Amy goes missing in the morning. Everyone suspects Nick. Their are strange searches on his computer, things ordered through his credit card that he didn’t actually order, his wife’s journal that shows she might’ve been afraid of him. Everything is bad for him? He says he didn’t kill her. So where is Amy?


*spoilers ahead*

Flynn has put a lot of detailing in the characters, each one more complex then the first. Nick is despicable. He is the sort of man you hate, pity and maintain a distance from. You may wonder what his story is, coming across him. Go, Nick’s twin sister, is more of a mother than a sister but possesses a motherly nature that is diffused slowly, without any extreme characterization.

The brilliance of this book is Amy, the pure evil. She’s cunning, manipulative, foxy, extremely smart. She’s s person with multiple identities, a person who has never shown her true face. She camouflages her true self, much of which was because of her parents’ business. They wrote books titles Amazing Amy, loosely based on what a perfect girl should do. Amazing Amy was always what Amy was supposed to be, but fell short of. Amy’s character has levels. She has a criminal mind, much of which has layers that never end. She is delicately complex, intricate in thinking and hard to imagine. She has a killer mind.

Gone Girl is amazing. It’s a peek into a sociopath’s mind. It’s racy. It’s a definite page turner… to disappointment. It’s a bad ending. It’s a good read it you don’t mind an upsetting ending. Still, if you like crime fiction, go for it! The story will stick with you. And movie’s come out too!

Promotion and Changes.


Class eleven is finally over! I got the result yesterday and I finally passed. Not good marks, but I passed. I’m officially in class twelve.

Class eleven was nightmarish. Mistakes on my part. I wasn’t very serious. I didn’t do what I could do. And yes, it was tough. So, I’ve decided for the last year of school, I’m going to put things right. I’ve got to strategize, schedule, work upon that and succeed. This year’s disaster was enough to teach me.

For starters, I’m quitting WhatsApp, Instagram and Ask. So I’ll be available only on Facebook,  Wordpress and my email. I’m also planning on spending more time studying so maybe I won’t spend a lot of time here. And I may reduce watching One Tree Hill to one episode a day, though it’ll hurt a lot.

Wish me luck please people. Eight months of school are left. I want to make it the best time of my life.

Obsession and the Insomniac.


Image Source

In the dark quiet of the night,
She woke up, sweating in fright.
Her dreams haunted her,
She couldn’t get past them
her troubles it seemed,
had already stemmed.
He weaved in and out,
She was beginning to doubt.
Her horrors come live,
She couldn’t beat them,
No matter how hard she strived.
She believed he was a gem,
He couldn’t hurt her, she thought,
Ignoring the misery that he had brought.
He was dead, she had till now known.
But now, she just wasn’t very sure.
Her past had begun to haunt her present.
Her life now wasn’t very pleasant.
She lost sleep and trouble it brewed.
Daydream and insomnia, she remained subdued.
She lost her beauty, her peace of mind.
Her thoughts, his ghost were together bind.
A stalker, a maniac, he shadowed she,
For all the lives’ eternity.
Until she cried foul and he was killed,
By her brother. But still,
It was a mark left upon her life.
She married someone, became a wife,
And lived peacefully, until a day before.
She thought she saw his face through a crowd.
Her heart fearful, her mind went sour,
And she cried out loud.
Back he had come, to avenge his killing.
And she was back hysterically screaming.
Waking up in bed, sweating, with fright,
Wishing for her life, with all her might.

Creative Blogger Award

Second award in a month by the lovely blogger from Yashika194, Yashika, the Creative Blogger Award. I’m most humbled that she thought me competent for the award, and I’ll try not to get that to my head. She’s a great blogger with a wonderful poetic sense.


The rules of this award are:

This award is accompanied by a few rules :
1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.
2. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you.
3. Share five facts about yourself to your readers.
4. Pass these rules on to them.

Some stupid facts about me that you may hate:

1. I eat a lot, and by a lot, I mean a lot. I can eat any time, anywhere, anything that’s edible. I always have a full/empty bowl next to me.
2. I have a lot of photographs from when I was younger. About 6-7 full thick albums.
3. I hate a terrible habit of nail baiting. I bite nail, skin, anything and as a result my fingers look terrible, like cigarettes with tattered ends.
4. I once cut my own eyebrow right dang in the middle, just a day before the new session. And I didn’t have the sense to use an eyebrow pencil or anything. I had to say that my sister did that while I was sleeping. She was the one who had to face mom’s fury.
5. I’m extremely short, Just 5″1.

The nominees for this award are:

1. The Perfect Phoenix
2. Orange Shoes Talking
3. It’s A Britta Bottle
4. The Daughters Of Ganga
5. Prose Over Bros
6. J M Lysun
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14. Gulab Jamman Writes
15. iKu2e

Congratulations everyone! You might get an idea of how much I love reading your blogs. Happy Blogging!

Freedom, yeah!

It’s time for partyy. My exams have finally ended, and this  marks the end (hopefully) of class 11. So, this is the only happy time I am hoping to get in the next twelve months.


I’ve got a great deal to do now. Books to read: Catch 22, Lolita, Gone Girl, 100 Years of Solitude and The Pickwick Papers. I’ve got to finish F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother and re-watch One Tree Hill. I’ve got more blog posts to do, and movies and pure pleasure. Looks like it’s going to be a great week. Well, of course I deserve it. My last week was Five Minute Week.


It was traumatic. I’m done with studies for at least an year now. My general reaction to anybody who asks me how the exams went would be


I’m loving memes, so I guess I’d be staring at the laptop all day long, looking them up. Thumbs up to this week and let’s see, who survives the result. Till then, enjoy! Adieu.