Bucket List


Recently, while sifting through old diaries and journal, I came across a list that I had prepared last January as a Bucket List which I found was amazing! I couldn’t believe I was a child with such depth. Impressed, I thought I’d post it.
Here it goes:

1. Fill the bookshelf.
2. Watch the sun rise in Delhi.
3. Plant a tree and take care of it.
4. Watch a One Tree Hill marathon.
5. Top a subject constantly for a year.
6. Have a 1 am scooty ride.
7. Prepare a five course meal for the family.
8. Organize a karaoke night and participate.
9. Dance in the first rain of the season.
10. Do something you’ve never done before. (Doesn’t include anything like jumping of the roof!)
11. Prepare an outfit for yourself and wear it on your birthday.
12. Visit Old Delhi and collect souvenirs.
13. Organize a cleanliness drive and participate.
14. Run in a marathon.
15. Watch live theatre (plays and performances).
16. Visit CP and have a coffee at Starbucks (No, I’ve never had one.).
17. Visit an orphanage and spend the day there.
18. Skydive/Bungee jump.
19. Reveal a secret to a stranger.
20. Kiss someone you love 500 times.
21. Party all night.
22. Study the entire night.
23. Complete a story and get it published.
24. Attain a scholarship to Yale/Duke/Oxford/Cambridge/Harvard.
25. Attend a concert.
26. Spend a day sleeping.
27. Prepare an oil painting.
28. Be generous. Part with something you love.
29. Go on a shopping spree.
30. Visit SRK/OTH cast/Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence.
31. Unite two lovers.
32. Organize a dare night/treasure hunt.
33. Master a musical instrument.
34. Have a 3 am conversation with your bestie.
35. Handle the house chores for a day.
36. Participate in an interschool competition.
37. Organize a night over for friends.
38. Celebrate Diwali in the morning.
39. Click a selfie at Taj mahal at dawn.  UPDATE: Completed on April 4, 2015.
40. Visit Daryaganj and buy second hand books.
41. Have dinner at the Taj.
42. Bake a cake at eat it too.
43. Learn a language on your own.
44. Record a song.
45. Buy an antique camera.
46. Redecorate your room.
47. Organize the closet.
48. Lose some weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
49. Get a summer job.
50. Eat chinese from outside at 2am.
51. Eat an entire tub of ice cream while watching Kal Ho Naa Ho.
52. Organize a surprise party for someone.
Well, it was not a part of the list but it’s very important to me,
53. Get 300 followers on WP.

How is it? How many have you done? Is it exciting? I love the ideas. As I recall, I’d initially planned for it to be a yearly challenge, but seeing some items, I don’t think it’s possible. So, it’ll be my bucket list.


22 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Oh my gosh! I love so many of your ideas! You sound like you’ve got an amazing life planned ahead of you! Respect to you for projects like the Cleanliness drive. If you could get something like that done, it would be AMAZING. The orphanage one, too 😊

    PS: If you do go to Starbucks and you’re absolutely stuck for choice, my favourite is a caramel frappucino without cream but with coffee. 😉My friends all say I’m crazy and that the full-cream chocolate frappe is much better 😊

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  2. Woah! WOAH! That is quite a list! I do have a bucket list. But thats only for shopping 😛 Haven’t prepared one like this. I do have one. But never penned them down. Taking a walk at 12.30 AM and sleeping under the stars top my list. 🙂
    I will make one like this too 😀

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    • Hahaha, that’s quite a lot, isn’t it? I hate shopping though. I hate it so much that I can wear three year old clothes just to not buy new ones. Promise to share that list with me, please?


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