Euphoria clouds conscience,
adrenaline beats
blood in the veins; pulsating nerve
and breathlessness incurs 
as every nerve ending
breathes in the sight of
your majesty, and vibrance 
and the poise of your erect
spine and the stiffness
at your curvy, shallow
crevices, your hair falling
below that dented
shoulder and the
smothering skin and the ice cold
hands that are an artist’s best work,
and the lovely, lovely
plumpness of your wicked mouth,
trembling, as I 

attempt to raise you, 
inch by inch, above your bulk 
into the space, eager to 
start the new story that 
you contain.


The Delinquent.


Inspired by Phoenix’s story, The Delinquent here.

Come one, come all, let me tell you a story.
A story with a message, that’ll soon find glory.
There lived a girl, in the dark nooks,
Unsightly she was, she kept everyone on hooks,
Though she didn’t give a damn about her looks.
She found solace in the company of books.
She was extraordinary, but no one cared for her.
Her mom was dead, a second after she stirred.
She grew fast; her childhood passed in a blur.
Forced to make decisions of which she wasn’t sure.
In her friends, she couldn’t confide.
Her genius, she wasn’t able to disguise.
Her dreams crushed in the same nooks.
And she learnt something from the books.

Malevolent turned she, and brought misery,
To everyone who thought that she appeared nasty.
All who thought that it was beauty before brains;
Full of people, she blew up the train.
She could claim that she built the bomb.
But that would be a pretense for all forlorn.
Still, they fail to unravel her mind,
Intellect appreciated, yet criticized all the time.
Although, it’s criticism is where the tip is more bent.
After all, she was a delinquent.

Sonnet: An Ode To The Broken Heart

This is inspired when two of my favorite bloggers and amazing poets Yusra and Phoenix wrote their sonnets. This is a childish attempt at such a great form of poetry. This is my first attempt and thus, very raw. But I hope that the next few ones are more refined and you like them just as I hope you like this one. Please click on the image to see the unpixelated version of this poetry.

Sonnet 1

” The unprecedented silence echoing weakens my ground.
My head is spinning around.
My breath plays a tune unheard, unsung.
Ragged, picking the melody of the words ye flung.
Beyond care, like physical spears,
Invoking in me invisible tears
As I stand staring at your beauty which intensifies,
It was so easy to believe your lies.
You radiated an aura so pure
To trust you, our love, it was final, so sure.
Beyond repair, it has now been broken down.
You willingly give up the most precious crown.
Wearing which you ruled over my heart.
Lost in your beauty, radiance, I don’t know where to start.” 

Beauty: Poem


I was invited by a very cute blogger Hargun from Living The Dream inviting me for this Beauty Poetry Challenge with a twist. It required me to write about beauty in ten sentences comprising six words each. The twist was that each sentence must have the word ‘beauty’ in it. It also required ending it with a favorite quote on ‘beauty’ and  to nominate your friends to participate and spread the virus.

This is my kiddish attempt at it. I tried my best but it was impossible to write it with the word. I hope you like it.

Beauty, true beauty lies inside you
Beauty’s not a measure, it’s value
Of soul, beauty of your heart.
Beauty’s in every inch, every part.
Love is your beauty, colors it.
Your beauty is compassion’s deep pit.
Beauty lies in your selfless care.
Your beauty’s like sunlight, it’s everywhere.
Being true to yourself is beauty.
So, beauty inhibits you and me.

You like it? I find this quote appropriate for my poem: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Anyhow, I would like to nominate everyone for this challenge. Keep this an open challenge. It’s good exercise. Hope you have a great day.