Soothe Sundays #19

Today’s quote is from a really talented poet I’ve recently come across, Rupi Kaur. She’s an Indian living in Canada whose poetry is thereupetic and raw. This is a poem from her book titled ‘Milk and Honey’.

Have a happy day folks. You’re all brilliant humans! 


Soothe Sundays #6


“You can drive at sixteen, go to war at eighteen, you can drink at twenty five, and retire at sixty five. So how old do you have to be before you love is real?” -One Tree Hill

TWPM wants to know: have you met your loved one? How did you meet? Or are you yet to meet them? How do you envision your rendezvous to be? Because all it takes in one glance to fall in love.

Happy Friendships’ Day readers. Cheers to our companionship!

Soothe Sundays #4

Here comes another Sunday, so here is the Soothe Sunday this week.


How wild it was, to let it be.- Cheryl Strayed

How true is this quote? That you are letting things be the way they are. Things may not always be according to the “plan” or how you had envisioned them, and because it puts your future and life in jeopardy. You have to manipulate things to make them fit your “plan” best. But sometimes, when there is no way out, you have to let the pieces fall into place. You have to be courageous and you have to let things be. Because at times, life has something better in store for you. Because sometimes, being knowledgable can be exhaustive. Because sometimes, there is charming is nice. And there is charm in uncertainty. How wild it was, to let it be?

Have you ever done anything wild and totally unexpected? Share in comments below? How did you feel? Ws it better than you had envisioned it?

How Will I Ever Get Out Of This Labyrinth.


This poem came to me while reading ‘The General In His Labyrinth’, and as a result, this poem is a loose, poetic version of the legendary book. I’d appreciate if you could take out time to tell me how you felt about this poem.

Great stories were told,
Meetings put on hold.
The man who built the nation,
Now in shackles of defamation.
His decisions mistaken for tyranny.
Ever tiny move, a felony.
His ego collapsed on he ground.
The man he was- never to be found.
Drunk on power and yet so sweet.
His accolades-flawless. Not one defeat.
But unfortunate it is, he never learned.
Never had failure from which lessons he could have earned.
Romantic at heart, he charmed his way,
Under his spell, ladies swooned and swayed.
Men envied him, wanted to be him.
Awe and hatred filled them to the brim.
But now, all they have for him is pity.
As he marches out to forever leave the city.
But from this labyrinth, how will he out, dammit?!
“If only from the earth, he could vanish.”