“For Humans”


There was once an old lady,
who had lived all and was waiting
for her death, with a troubled breath,
As she stood by the door,
every day more devastating.
She’d lost her husband to the land,
and there was no other name bearer,
who could live to her legacy and
be told in the bards, as the son of one
to whom death was the most dear.

Each day with a bated breath, she
looked forward to her final visitor,
But he never came and she always cried
because she really thought
it really was her time.
Her neighbors, her crazy kept at a distance
but that didn’t stop them to whisper,
“Ah that old, mental, moronic lady
Who is she waiting for to take her crazy,
a demonic mister?”

But somehow, things changed, as mostly she,
she realized they weren’t waiting for her
As much as she was for death,
And things changed, and soon the neighbor
kids played until they were panting with breath.
She made cookies and called for tea,
all the fancy dressed, beautiful ladies,
And soon her garden was bright and gay
And loneliness, she barred and mostly
was like a bright day in May.

But one day, when all the ladies
Came to her house for their tea
and the daily gossip they all shared,
they found the door locked, and her house
strangely, dead, and lifeless, and bare.
Worried, they rushed and somehow
broke the door and they entered,
upon a lifeless host, they cried,
The old widow, lying on the floor,
with a smile on her face, had died.

They looked around and some rushed 
out to call for help, but one, 
spotted a piece of paper, on the bed.
They shrieked, and some stood stunned
and then, cried in horror; 
it was from Death.

“She was a poor sod who thought, 
she’d lived life to the fullest,
Oh, what a fool humans are, 
They don’t know what is the best.
Waiting for me instead when you
should be making memories,
living life with love and people who are dear.
So that once you die, there are no fears
of having not taken the chance,
the chance to be alive after death,
to be alive in others’ memories and hearts.
And that’s why I kept her waiting,
for she didn’t know what’s right,
But fear not, my ladies,
She came to me with a smile,
and looked down upon all of you,
and waved a goodbye;
she sprinkled on some pixie dust,
And rests now, with her husband,
very happy and content, high above.”


Be Your Own Kind.


Be the kind of person who cannot not open the window of the bus. 
Be the kind of person who has to try new restaurants and dishes. 
Be the kind of person who keeps a rainbow in the closet.
Be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to not to anything sometimes.
Be the kind of person who paints his own walls. 
Be the kind of person who bungee jumps.
Be the kind of person who drinks and makes out with strangers.
Be the kind of person who sits at Saturday watching teary romcoms and doesn’t believe in love.
Be the kind of person who likes to cook.
Be the kind of person who talks to new people. 
Be the kind of person who loves the smell of old books and lusts the new ones.
Be the kind of person who travels. 
Be the kind of person who appreciates the sky.
Be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to scream in an ascending airplane. 
Be the kind of person who explores new routes.
Be the kind of person who dances in the rain.
Be the kind of person who eats ice cream in the winter and sips soup in the summer.
Be the kind of person who prefer flip flops to shoes. 
Be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to cry in public.
Be the kind of person who is not afraid of himself.
Be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to let go of his inhibitions.
Be the kind of person who finds beauty in scars and corners and crevices.
Be your own kind of person.

This is something I wrote because I felt like writing. Call it boring, but I just let my heart out. I hope you like it!

Unravelling Broken Threads: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Jennifer woke up the next morning. She was still lying on the bed when she heard Alex shout, ‘Jenny, come down, it’s getting late.’

She jumped from the bed and made her way to the bathroom, with her eyes half closed and SMACK! She slammed into the door. The bathroom was locked. She cursed, grabbed her secret toothbrush from under the mattress on the bed and started brushing. With a calm peaceful head, she decided how to deal with this whole “Nick Issue” as she had started calling it. Once thing was certain, she would have to contest the elections, there was no way out. She had to prove Nick, Adrian, Jules and Jason wrong.

She made a quick plan. While getting dressed, she took a pen and a pad and wrote down:

Things to do for Elections:

  • Find the school counsellor. Talk about your attitude.
  • Buy school newspaper and find the Election coordinator.
  • Talk to coordinator and sign up as a contestant

She put this list inside her jeans’ pocket and moved downstairs, where Alex was sitting on the dining table with a cereal bowl in front of her, reading the morning newspaper. Jules was applying lipstick looking at a small mirror, and her mom was still in her gown, with a cup of coffee in one hand.

‘Hey there, you slept well?’ Alex asked, smiling as she saw Jennifer coming downstairs. ‘I’ll make you coffee.’

‘Thanks, but I’ll skip, I suppose. I’m not hungry today,’ she said and made her way out of the front door.

She heard Alex packing her stuff and saying, ‘Thanks Mrs. Cruise for letting me stay. I had a really good time.’ She turned on the car and honked, twice.

Alex came out looking hurried, and flushed. ‘What happened?’ Jenny asked. ‘Nothing,’ she replied, and they drove to the school in silence. Finally after they parked at school, Alex said, ‘So girl, I heard you sniffing yesterday night. What’s up?’

‘I have been thinking about it, about what Nick said,’ she said, ignoring the remark.


‘I am going to contest the school elections. And I am going to win,’ she said determined. ‘I’ll talk to the coordinator today. You want to come?’ she asked, stepping out of the car.

‘Na, you go. I have to talk to Mr. Hess about some Trig questions. I’ll see you later,’ she said, and moved away.

Twenty five minutes later, Jennifer was sitting in the counsellor, Mrs. Okra’s office. She had first taken an appointment with the counsellor specifically for the third period, English, so as to avoid talking to Nick. She had purchased the school newspaper as well and had found out, luckily, that Mrs. Okra was also the election coordinator. She could not believe she was doing this. However, she would not back out. The door opened, and Mrs. Okra came inside.

‘Well, well,’ Mrs. Okra said, ‘I was wondering when you’d come in.’ Mrs. Okra was a pretty woman in her late twenties. She had a soft, nasal voice yet, her voice usually had a calming effect on students. It was rumoured at Bowman’s that she wasn’t married but used ‘Mrs’ to keep the students from hitting on her. Presently, she seated herself across the table, in front of Jennifer.

‘Why would that be?’ Jenny asked.

‘You feature in many students’ sessions,’ she said simply. ‘Why are you here?’

‘Well, um, there’s this thing,’ she said hesitatingly.

Mrs. Okra said, ‘There is no need for you to hesitate, love. You can speak out loud. There is no one to listen to you, except me and that’s what I’m here for, so speak up.’

‘Well, I don’t know what to say,’ she finally said. ‘I have a family yet I don’t. My mom kicked out my dad years ago and since then, I hate her. My sister is too ashamed to even admit that we are sisters, because I am not popular, so it’s bad for her image. My best friend’s father is a drunkard and hits her daily and she is totally dependent on me like I am on her. A guy said to me that I need an attitude adjustment, and then challenged me to contest the elections. I have absolutely no family, friends and no social life. I hate myself.’ She sighed. ‘Is it possible to disappear from the world, without anyone noticing?’

‘Oh honey!’ she said worriedly, ‘There is absolutely nothing that should threaten you. So what if your mom doesn’t love you, you love her back. Maybe one day, she’ll realize that she did her greatest mistake is not loving her daughter. So what if your dad didn’t return. Just live with the faith that he always has someone looking over you, someone who will take care of you during the tough times,’ she paused. ‘Your sister is one of the foolish people to believe that her friends would stay with her forever. Yes they may, yet nothing would be able to replace your importance in her life.’

‘You think so?’ she asked quietly.

‘Yes of course. I feel you are an open book. You don’t like to keep your likes and dislikes in private. You’re not one of those who are all sweet and caring in front, and bitching behind people’s backs. And this is a quality that is admired by all, honesty. You are honest with your thoughts and that’s what makes you unique, unlike the rest.’ She spoke, suddenly serious, ‘As for the boy who challenged you, and said you needed an attitude adjustment, just prove him wrong. Like he said, contest. And win. Don’t get intimidated by him. This is just high school. What would you do when you enter the real world? ’

‘I had thought about that,’ she said earnestly, ‘but who would vote for a girl who’s not popular and social, and lacks friends and apparently needs and “attitude adjustment”?’

‘So what, you don’t let that trouble you. Make some,’ she said. ‘Well, I’m afraid time is running out Ms. Cruise. If you need some more sessions, you may take an appointment any time you like. I would be there for you,’ she smiled.

Just as Mrs. Okra started gathering her stuff, the bell rang, Jennifer hurriedly said, ‘Put my name down. On the list, will you?’ and rushed out of the room.

Unravelling Broken Threads.

After numerous conversations, heated arguments and many debates later, I have arrived at the conclusion that I’m going to post pages from the story I had worked on for quite some time and is presently on a standstill due to infinite reasons excuses. I’d started writing this when on September 16, 2014 after an idea hit me like thunder. I worked on it religiously for about a month or so, and then it started happening sporadically. Now, it is on a standstill. I’ve since then struggled to continue but nothing worth writing hits me. Maybe your feedback will help me to write further.

The response I get after posting the first 3-4 chapters will determine whether I continue to post the story or not.

So presenting to you the cover of Unravelling Broken Threads.


Unravelling The Threads is about a girl named Jennifer, whose mind functions on a frequency very different from her family. Her ego and status at school is hurt by Nick, who after repeated attempts to befriend her, challenges her to participate and win the school elections to be held the next month. What follows is Jennifer’s journey from a unpopular, arrogant, unfriendly person to becoming the most popular candidate in the elections, tracing her life, making friends and memories, in face of all that suffocated her inside. Friendship, romance and memories all come together to give a story worth reading and cherishing. 

I’m Grateful For My Friends.

My friends are officially the best people I can come across, the best group I have had. So awesome! So, today our school closed for the summer break. These guys, Chammu, Gavaran, Sackseaa and Naru brought for Bhopp Petiss- which is me- a pie because a cake would have been too much for us five, to cut with a spoon, and then got me a gift for a birthday that is a ten days away. Andd Chammuu made a MARAUDER’S MAP FOR ME!! That too, PERSONALIZED! Can you believe it??

Hogwarts in full gloryy.
My Marauder's Map
My Marauder’s Map
“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”
“Mischief managed.”

And the best part is that this is the only time I celebrated my birthday in school, because it falls in the vacation. These guys are awesome. They understand every fibre of me. And to think I met them a year ago?! How is that even possible?

Its probably one of those times when you actually take out time and realise how lucky you are to have such beautiful, strong, supportive, intelligent and lovely people in your life. I’m so great ful I found you guys! And please don’t embarrass me at school by quoting this in case any of you are reading this 😛

Good night, lovely readers. You’d not know how much I appreciate you taking out time and reading my blog. Thank you all.

P.S. I’m not hydrophobic. I just hate sticky wet clothes on skin feeling.

Farewell and Halfway Morning Presents.

3:50 am. Just finished this collage for a dear, dear friend, who leaves me for I don’t know how long. Met her a year ago, and now, she’s family. True. There are some bonds that are not just by blood, but by people who make you a part of their life. As much as I would love to, I can’t keep both my eyes open. Will elaborate tomorrow. Patience, dear reader.

collage-2015-05-03How do you like it? Do you think she’ll like it? Please reply. G’night.

P.S. Have you ever had a friend you knew for a short time but was a major part of your life? Please comment. I’d love to know how your relationship turned out.

I Regret

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I can’t sleep at night
Books are everywhere in sight.
Exams are near
Taking away everything dear.

T.V. , Computers, PlayStation
We can’t live: They are our addiction.
Friends are a world apart
A treat is, for us, visiting the mart.

Papers flying everywhere
Books are scattered here and there.
Pens are making screeching sounds
The syllabus left is a big mound.

The exams are a day after
Parents’ shouts drowning our laughter!
If only I had studied before,
I would have been so sore.