How The Rain Makes Me Feel

I wish I could feel like how rain feels,
On a warm, steadfast night
and the way it makes the world feel,
at rest, in motion, just quite right.
I wish for the patter of the rain,
and the silence that it casts around,
that peace of mind for an infinitesimal moment
That is lost, and at moments like these, found.
I wish the world unites as it does
when drops fall from high above us,
Makes me feel so wanted, gives a reason to stay,
For me, rain is belonging and it is trust.
It is how the things that leave us
have their own way of returning to us,
even when the blackest clouds block their way
It’ll make its way, it always does.
It made me feel like magic and stardust,
and my beating heart once stood still,
it folded in my hands and was lost,
leaving me with memories and goodwill.
It went through my soggy chest,
and left me feeling cold and lost,
and then as soon as I dried my breast,
it left me free and contained and breathless.
So maybe, the rain does wonders to us, the world
it leaves us free and tired and guarded and loved.




Wants to run free,
She hopes to feel,
The cool wind on her body,
And wetness to the core.
But bound by ropes,
And hands she is,
She can only free herself
If she has stayed long enough
To irritate them beyond
Then, she will be ejected,
Fiercely, and with anger.
She is thrown out,
And with every breath,
Outer and outer.
Till she finds herself,
Doing what she envisioned,
The air on her body, as she flies
And then wet to her soul
As she slips down the drain.
My running nose.

This to bring to your notice that the poetess is suffering from severe cold and it has gotten from bad to worse. She- the poetess- keeps on sneezing and sniffing the entire day. It has given her an extreme headache and she often keeps on “cracking her nose”: not in a druggy sort of a way. And the worst part is that she can’t even take a break from her normal schedule because it’s just cold and not a viral fever or flu in any way!