At Stories, you will find and meet all sorts of people. They may be your next door neighbour, a long lost friend, they may be your younger sister, and they may even be you. They let you delve into their lives, and learn and hope and inspire them. They may be drawn from some real people, and may be the things from my imaginations. But yes, they let me control them.

Many times, I find myself wondering What If, and it is a dangerous area to venture into. Sometimes, I mend their lives, sometimes I break it apart. And sometimes, they are a means to mend my life. II imagine them in my shoes. I like to think how they would act if they were me. And sometimes, that is enough to get me going at the moment.

Most of all, they provide me an escape from a world that makes me love and hate it at the same time.

At Long Stories, you will find long pieces of fiction, probably more than twenty lines.

Pocket Stories gives you shorter pieces, with different outlooks and perspectives of live. These draw inspiration from the little things that happen around me all the time.


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