I am eighteen years old; a first year English (Hons) student with a passion for music, poetry, books, food, travel and life.

Socially awkward, introvert, atheist, spiritual.

But what am I?

I am chaos finding my way back to life. I am ashes ready to rise again. I am wildfire and I am unstoppable.


144 thoughts on “Me.

  1. […] But I caved and gave Akanksha my address and later tonight, when I’m done procrastinating from my paper writing by blogging, and when I’m done writing the paper and baking with my friend Chelsea (and blogging about that), I’m going to curl up in my bed with a cup of tea (hoping it doesn’t fall and mess up my beautiful sheets), and write her a letter. (Read about Akanksha here). […]

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  2. Hi Akanksha! Thank you so much for following my blog! I absolutely LOVE the JRR Tolkien quote in your tagline ❤️ Your About Me page was so open, honest and interesting. I enjoyed reading it! 😊 I studied a bunch of Science subjects at A Level but now I’m doing a degree in English Lit, so I can totally relate to the feeling of hating physics and preferring poetry instead! ❤️ I’m guessing this post was written a very long time ago, but I hope everything went well with Palak’s move and that you guys are still in touch. 😊

    Looking forward to reading more of your poetry posts! Thanks again and have a lovely day! 😊


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    • Hi Yusra! Thanks a lot for the follow too and I’m glad that you liked my blog 🙂 I love that quote too, patry because it describes beautifully the nature of curiosity. Thank you, but I believe that it has to be the first time I’ve been called open 😀 My friends call me a trunk without a key! Unfortunately, Palak moves in April, yet I’m mourning that three months before. I guess that’s my way of telling her to not go, we are in touch though, thanks for caring ❤ Anyways, once again, thanks and I must applaud at your blog's title and tagline. It's pretty original, creative and catchy! And gulab jamun is my favorite sweet 😛 Look forward to your posts 🙂


  3. I can’t believe you’re only 16! I mean, when I was 16, I was doing much less productive work, just wasting time. Still am, kind of. Anyway.

    Love your honesty and how blunt you are. I like SRK too 🙂
    I’m not much a fan of Indian films. I think they are tooooo long. But yes, I love SRK too 🙂

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    • Hahaha 😀 Thank you very much! I can assure you that I can hand out PhD’s on wasting time. I’m such an expert. This is one thing that I can do without having to move my bum from the bed. So here I am!
      SRK is love ❤ I agree with you, Bollywood films are long but most times, they are worth it! Then again, if you talk of films like Tees Maar Khan, I have no comments 😛

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  4. Fab blog! Thanks so much for stopping by & following – always great meeting new bloggers to keep up with… looking forward to reading all your future posts with lots of luv Ajay 🙂

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  5. Hey there, So, finally found a mad person like me i.e., science student with interest in literature 😀 So, you are in 12th now , and I have nothing to guide , just because I was the most social in 12th , Should I say you must study ? You must be bored by everyone ranting ‘study study study, you are in 12th’ . Yep, I got good grades in 11th, yet I had to listen all those so called Advices.

    Anyways, it’s 12th, so lock up social media and study, yeah, it’s hard but you must, rest will come with time 🙂
    wish you luck

    and wish me luck for my results 😀

    hope to see you on my blog , I will be regular once boards are over 🙂

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    • WP is a domain for all the maddies like us 😀 I know, class twelve is every person’s paradise after a hella year that is eleventh. But then its not a cakewalk too, especially for someone like me who has to compensate class eleven’s marks too :/ thanks for the advice though 🙂 its probably one of the shortest ones I’ve had in quite some time now 😀 best of luck for the results! You must be glad that it’s finally over now 🙂 sure, I’ll check out your blog!
      P.S. How was maths? 😛 was it horrible? I’ve been told people cried!


      • Yep, people did cry but not me 😛 They cried for 2-3 question that was from HOTS and forgot to smile for the rest which were like a piece of cake. (Though I too did a few mistakes) anyways, final marks are important, and moreover the pattern too was altered, so the fury of students over CBSE is obvious.

        And yes I am glad that it’s over now and I hope I get a decent college too 😀

        And what more should I say , If they really teach in schools, be like a fox to grab their words and then just a bit of self study will keep you floating in the exams 🙂

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  6. Hi Akanksha! Thanks for dropping by Echoes of Life, and for the follow and all those likes! 😀
    This is a cool blog you have here too, and I LOVE Shahrukh Khan as well! Happy blogging 🙂

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  7. Well, yes 🙂 paper (or screen here) is more patient than man. Also, its easier to write than to speak 😉 I might not even say my name if you ever approach me for a conversation! That level of introvertism. Might take you for some creep and slug off 😛


  8. Hello there! I just wanted to say that you have an incredible blog, and that I find your content insightful, refreshing, and apt!

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  9. Hiee….I posted a comment from my other anon blog :-/ Feeling annoyed with myself. Anyway, what is your mail id? I will mail you the details of how to write for my blog. You can drop me a test mail and so, I will get your ID.

    sucheta dot scribbles at gmail dot com

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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  10. Hey Akanksha..
    I really loved your work and love to follow you back 🙂 I’m so glad we connected.. Looking forward to read more of your lovely work 🙂
    Love to you, dear ❤

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  11. @17 you are killing it there with your blunt and cool attitude here in the blogging community. I loved reading about your About me section!!! I hate shopping too… i am not color blind but i cant chose the right one on others:P I am not a die hard SRK fan but there are some things that no one else but only the Baadshah could do it. 🙂 All the best in your future endeavors and keep blogging. Wouldnt want to lose out a fun person like you from the blogging world
    Loads of love and luck

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  12. Hi, little one, from a big one, 80 years old. You seem mature beyond your years, Are you certain of your age? : > )
    Thanks for following me at Glad to meet you and am impressed by your blog. See you later, I hope.

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