Music Today: 13/08/2015

Aaoge Jab Tum: Jab We Met

Releasing Year: 2008

I can’t tell you in words how much I love this movie and this word. Recently, my mind had been entirely wiped out about the existence of this song, but the day before, I heard it on YouTube on a playlist. And since then, it has been on loop inside my head. This is such a sad song, and if you watch the movie, you might just burst in tears. The music, especially the flute in the beginning, the video, the simplicity of the song is such that you are likely to tear up even if you don’t watch the movie. Speaking of the movie, the entire direction process, from the characterization, the story, the shooting, is flawless. Kareena plays Geet perfectly, looks beautiful, and Geet is probably one of her best performances. Aditya- Shahid is such an intense and a powerful character. He is gentle and sweet and caring and sincere and just plainly romantic. It’s a pity that they broke up in real life soon after this. Literally broke my heart. This movie, and this song, makes me wanna doodle Aditya ❤ Geet everywhere!

I mean, just look at the sincerity in his eyes!


Music Today: 12/08/2015

Dil Chahta Hai: Dil Chahta Hai

Releasing Year: 2001

Dil Chahta Hai marked the directorial debut of the acclaimed artist Farhan Akhtar. Apart from being classified as a cult movie that marked the change in the B’wood’s been-there-done-that movies, it was breath of fresh air that changed the concept of youth which was more independent, career oriented, “selfish”. It defined friendships, love and life in a whole new dimension. This particular song is perfect for a road trip as is featured in the video. It’s funky, it’s catchy, it’s enjoyable. It is cool. Sort of makes you wanna take a road trip with your closest buddies.

P.S. Seems like I wanna do a Movie Mania about this film.

Music Today: 11/08/2015

Within You: Ray LaMontague

Releasing Year: 2006

By now, it is not an uncommon knowledge that I am completely and irrevocably in love with One Tree Hill. So when their makers decided to put this appropriate song for the emotional ending of season 4, I was on cloud nine. And why not? The music is so lovely and soothing that it makes everything just right! You’ll be at peace.

Music Today: 08/08/2015

Saathi Haath Badana: Naya Daur

Releasing Year: 1957

This song unexpectedly sprang to my mind while I was in school today, at a free period. And since then, from early morning, till then dispersal, I kept singing this sound in an extremely nasal and an irritating voice, much to my friends’ dismay. The message is brilliant, how we should work together and how we should have team spirit, and that it is actually in our class 7/8 textbook but I found the found it itself really dismal and gloomy. Imagine the torture I inflicted on my friends with this song the entire day! 😛

Music Today: 03/08/2015

Drag Me Down: One Direction

Releasing Year: 2015

Never thought this day would come but the song of the day is by One Direction *you may kill me now*. I hate 1D on principle. I may like some of their songs. And I know my sister’s going to perform a war dance when she reads this, but this song has been stuck in my head ever since she played it early morning! It’s so annoying to have the same song by someone you hate purposely go round and round your head! Ughhh! I hope you don’t enjoy it though, One Direction already has a lot of fan following.

Music Today: 02/08/2015

Ambarsariya: Fukrey

Releasing Year: 2013

First of, I don’t understand the entire song. To my limited understanding of Punjabi, I understand like 1/4th of the entire song. But the song is catchy. The pronunciations of the words (couldn’t say lyrics as I don’t understand them) i.e the dialect is marvellous. The music is soothing and everything in the song just fits. And the video and Pulkit Samrat and Ali Fazal are just cute.

Music Today: 01/08/2015

Flashlight: Jessie J

Releasing Year: 2015

There is something about this song that makes me want to stand up and just sway. or participate in a revolution, Mockingjay style. But all I do is just sit or lay down and listen. That is enough too. The song is beautiful, the lyrics romantic and Jessie J’s powerful voice on such sweet melody is like the dash of salt you get after eating something real sweet.

Music Today: 31/07/2015

Tu Aashiqui Hai: Jhankar Beats

Releasing year: 2003

This song came across a offbeat at the tie of its release due to unconventional music direction. Today, this song is widely appreciated. From the upbeat music beats, the lyrics, the liberal use of the perfect guitar, the placement of the song in the movie is just perfect. Just like the movie itself. A good song on a good day!