The Delinquent.


Inspired by Phoenix’s story, The Delinquent here.

Come one, come all, let me tell you a story.
A story with a message, that’ll soon find glory.
There lived a girl, in the dark nooks,
Unsightly she was, she kept everyone on hooks,
Though she didn’t give a damn about her looks.
She found solace in the company of books.
She was extraordinary, but no one cared for her.
Her mom was dead, a second after she stirred.
She grew fast; her childhood passed in a blur.
Forced to make decisions of which she wasn’t sure.
In her friends, she couldn’t confide.
Her genius, she wasn’t able to disguise.
Her dreams crushed in the same nooks.
And she learnt something from the books.

Malevolent turned she, and brought misery,
To everyone who thought that she appeared nasty.
All who thought that it was beauty before brains;
Full of people, she blew up the train.
She could claim that she built the bomb.
But that would be a pretense for all forlorn.
Still, they fail to unravel her mind,
Intellect appreciated, yet criticized all the time.
Although, it’s criticism is where the tip is more bent.
After all, she was a delinquent.


4 thoughts on “The Delinquent.

  1. Reblogged this on The Perfect Phoenix and commented:
    OH. MY. GOD.


    And to think someone would write something inspired by me. ME!

    You did a perfect job on this. Wow!

    Guys, Check. This. Out.

    Much, much, much ♡,

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