As an aspiring writer with a passion for words, my connection with books is quite understandable. This love affair started when I was 11, when I first laid my eyes on the red Famous Five book that I asked my dad to buy. And being the sweetheart e for that he is, he bought me. And I haven’t been more grateful for any materialistic thing he’s ever brought me, more than this.

So, it’s quite obvious that I have read books. And I also have REALLY REALLY LONG LIST THAT I WISH TO READ. You may go through them if you like. Both are for my records. Hope you enjoy. Recommendations are welcome.

You may ask me for book reviews. I’ll try to do them. Do post them in the comments section. Thank you.



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She was built with words.
Her strength was in numbers.
Her allegiance to the roots of all
She encountered.
She never felt happy, truly satisfied
Until she knew that her words
Hadn’t hurt anyone.
She collapsed in a asphyxiating
Mass of words
Because their roots were toxic.
And later like a phoenix from
The ashes, she rose
And flew far away
To a place where brevity of words
Was respected.
She’d heard in that place,
Each word had its own purpose, existence.
Now she thought, oh how silly,
That her end that had once been.
Someone, she thought, should see her.