Bookworm’s Delight: Gone Girl

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn is a crime fiction that falls short of brilliant because of it’s ending. It is a story of Nick who has a troubled marriage with his wife, Amy. On their fifth marriage anniversary, Amy goes missing in the morning. Everyone suspects Nick. Their are strange searches on his computer, things ordered through his credit card that he didn’t actually order, his wife’s journal that shows she might’ve been afraid of him. Everything is bad for him? He says he didn’t kill her. So where is Amy?


*spoilers ahead*

Flynn has put a lot of detailing in the characters, each one more complex then the first. Nick is despicable. He is the sort of man you hate, pity and maintain a distance from. You may wonder what his story is, coming across him. Go, Nick’s twin sister, is more of a mother than a sister but possesses a motherly nature that is diffused slowly, without any extreme characterization.

The brilliance of this book is Amy, the pure evil. She’s cunning, manipulative, foxy, extremely smart. She’s s person with multiple identities, a person who has never shown her true face. She camouflages her true self, much of which was because of her parents’ business. They wrote books titles Amazing Amy, loosely based on what a perfect girl should do. Amazing Amy was always what Amy was supposed to be, but fell short of. Amy’s character has levels. She has a criminal mind, much of which has layers that never end. She is delicately complex, intricate in thinking and hard to imagine. She has a killer mind.

Gone Girl is amazing. It’s a peek into a sociopath’s mind. It’s racy. It’s a definite page turner… to disappointment. It’s a bad ending. It’s a good read it you don’t mind an upsetting ending. Still, if you like crime fiction, go for it! The story will stick with you. And movie’s come out too!

Promotion and Changes.


Class eleven is finally over! I got the result yesterday and I finally passed. Not good marks, but I passed. I’m officially in class twelve.

Class eleven was nightmarish. Mistakes on my part. I wasn’t very serious. I didn’t do what I could do. And yes, it was tough. So, I’ve decided for the last year of school, I’m going to put things right. I’ve got to strategize, schedule, work upon that and succeed. This year’s disaster was enough to teach me.

For starters, I’m quitting WhatsApp, Instagram and Ask. So I’ll be available only on Facebook,  Wordpress and my email. I’m also planning on spending more time studying so maybe I won’t spend a lot of time here. And I may reduce watching One Tree Hill to one episode a day, though it’ll hurt a lot.

Wish me luck please people. Eight months of school are left. I want to make it the best time of my life.