Promotion and Changes.


Class eleven is finally over! I got the result yesterday and I finally passed. Not good marks, but I passed. I’m officially in class twelve.

Class eleven was nightmarish. Mistakes on my part. I wasn’t very serious. I didn’t do what I could do. And yes, it was tough. So, I’ve decided for the last year of school, I’m going to put things right. I’ve got to strategize, schedule, work upon that and succeed. This year’s disaster was enough to teach me.

For starters, I’m quitting WhatsApp, Instagram and Ask. So I’ll be available only on Facebook,  Wordpress and my email. I’m also planning on spending more time studying so maybe I won’t spend a lot of time here. And I may reduce watching One Tree Hill to one episode a day, though it’ll hurt a lot.

Wish me luck please people. Eight months of school are left. I want to make it the best time of my life.


28 thoughts on “Promotion and Changes.

  1. YAAY! Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear that!
    And yes, less social media is always a good idea! Let’s hope you can stick to your resolve! 🙂
    p.s. Not blogging regularly is fine, but I expect to hear from you at least every few weeks or so so I know you’re still alive. If not, at least remember to invite me to your funeral.

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    • You’re sweet. Come to Delhi, I’m being murdered for my result *I’ll tell you on the chat!* So anyways, let’s hope that if I make it through my death, this resolve may work 😉 Thank you very much! :*

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  2. I can understand how you must feel. The results are always a spoiler! but last year of school is kind of important not for grades but where you go after that. Going by your writing you are going to go places. Love n Luck!

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    • Thank you very much Umber. I know, grades are always a sopiler! 😛 It’s hard to digest though that school is this close to ending. I always imagined it would be with me, a long drawn routine, never changing, hated and loved both. But eight months! Thanks a lot again 🙂


  3. You sound as if you are a very responsible young woman. Your, do you say Senior Year of High School? or Twelfth Year of School?…either way, should be so memorable. I used to be as you, very focused on grades and what not.
    Your plan sounds very balanced. I had to smile at “reducing One Tree Hill to one episode a day, though it will hurt”..*smiles*
    Just remember while focusing on grades, which is very important to keep that balance, keep your fun…and truly make it memorable. Life will soon make you an adult forever. ❤ That is kind of a version of a famous line of song here in the US.
    All the best of wishes to you my dear one. I am sure you are destined for great things.

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    • Responsible? Well, that’s a first 😛 Umm, I’m not sure but the fourteenth year of school or maybe, Grade twelve. I know! I think you have a very wrong impression of me. You should hear what my parents say 😀 Hahha, seriously it’s very hard to stay away from OTH. IT’s brilliant! ❤ I will remember, It's just that I had wayyy to much fun this year, so I'll have to make up for it too! Thanks a lot CC. I appreciate it! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations, dear 🙂 School and college are always an emotional disaster. Once you’re in uni you’ll learn that grades aren’t that important after all. So take it easy, champ 🙂

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  5. You can have fun whilst studying ya know. 🙂

    SO happy for you. Make memories.
    Though I am going to find myself in the exact same position a year after. *had to mention that cuz I’m your average self obsessed human*

    Have fun!! 🙂

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  6. school time and college time is probably the best time in ones life, have fun while it lasts… life is an uphill climb from there! Results don’t really show the hard work the students put in… nevertheless…u enjoy life to its fullest :p

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