Dear readers,

This is a sincere request from me to you all. Please spare a second and read. I need help on the blog.

1. Firstly, I want to be able to nest my articles under categories which should appear on the place I have pages.

UntitledAnd I want it to appear as:

UntitledWherein under these categories, I can nest my posts into things like on this site:


So that each post has a type. e.g. I want to be able to have each song for my Music Today page to be a separate post,       not something like a clutter of stuff like this:

UntitledI have been looking at it for quite some time but somehow I haven’t figured it out. Any help, especially regarding to my theme, Oxygen, would be appreciated.


2. I want to know whether you like this page layout. Recently, I came across many awesome blog, most of which have themes/layouts/settings which look like they have been made for that blog only. I want to try something new and exciting and bold and seems-like-its hand made for my blog.

3. What more would you like to read on my blog. I know it’s more of a poetry blog, but I want to experiment new genres. Please comment. Your feedback is valuable to me.

4. I am thinking of starting little contests/challenges starting June 1, 2015 for all bloggers. It’s something I think, every blogger/writer would enjoy. It’s not competitive, simple enjoyable stuff. I want to know how many of you would sign up for it. If there are people interested, I’ll let you know what I am going to do. Please comment so that I can make the announcement soon.


Thanks a lot for everything. Looking forward in anticipation,

Lots of love,



19 thoughts on “Help/Feedback/Announcements.

  1. Funny how I’ve been thinking about contests too.. But anyways, to be completely, brutally, honest, I liked your previous theme better.

    But, I think you should totally do contests.
    And as for other genres, maybe writing philosophical quotes like the one victoriaiskak write up on her blog, Raindrops and Fireflies.
    I think you’d do great.

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  2. I would like to read short stories. I mean really short ones 😀 call me lazy.

    Contests and challenges :O that would be a great addition, don’t roll out too many of those though.

    Themes I have no clue, seriously but I loved my old theme (some hemingway or something like that) but then I never really cared for much customization apart from having bigger size of photographs. I still haven’t found a good theme for my blog.

    Do make sure that you keep the font to a larger size. It’s too small. :/


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