Keeping It Together.

I haven’t been very active lately, with my class 12 and quite a few goodbyes to say. My best friend Palak left for Bombay today, forever. To say it was a tearful affair is an insult. Our group of five people, we were literally sobbing. Also last week, an exchange student Caterina, as good as my sister, who had been Inida for the past year, left and went back. It was also tearful. This poem is for all the goodbyes that we have to say at every turn of our lives:

-Specially written for Palak’s and Caterina’s after-farewell

They say people always leave,
And it’s something on which you can grieve.
But grief is like a thief,
Makes happiness short and brief.
There’s always something to be happy about,
Happiness is longer, misery comes in bouts.
Because it’s better to focus on what keeping you together,
Than what’s tearing you apart in this stormy weather.
Emotions, like rain and storm become a whirlwind,
Depression and sorrow always combine.
But joy is like thunder tearing through the sky,
Making its way, fighting by and by.
It’s easier to mope and cry and pout,
Than to see hope and optimism about.
And that when there is no way,
It’s easier to cry than to ask them to stay.
And then there is, for you, a choice,
To relive the past and rejoice,
To love and smile and the moments spent past,
Flooding the mind, as they from the gates of memories, blast.
Because at times, it’s better to focus on what keeping you together,
Than what’s tearing you apart in this stormy weather.

Palak and Me
Palak and Me
We’re the ones to the right extreme.

20 thoughts on “Keeping It Together.

  1. Hey,
    I know things are tough but then remember that the ones that are destined to be in your life will always find a way to be there 🙂

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      • It is sweetheart 🙂
        Now cheer up, you kids have whatsapp, facebook, emails , skype and what not to keep in touch!
        Look at it this way, now you know that you have a friend out there so you can visit her on a vacation and not have the mummy papa brigade follow you! 😀

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          • Okay, look at it this way, this will happen many times now going forward and this is a short preview of things.
            You make friends at college, then at universities, at work, at some book club or your neighbourhood and people change, move on to better things in life. Sometimes you have disagreements with them that turn things sore and at other times you just drift away. As you grow your choice in people changes. I loved the chatterbox crowd but now all that i like are people who keep their peace, from whom i can learn a thing or two.

            And time doesn’t define when people get close. Some you know like the back of your hand just by being with them for a few weeks, some you know for years yet can’t stand them.

            I know the emptiness, its a natural phenomenon, fill in that void with a lot more of you. Considering that this year is crucial since you want to jump streams, research, read and make a portfolio to support your case in the big collages 🙂

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            • That was a lot to take in! Anyways, thanks for the advice, I’ll try and heed to it, but it takes time. It’s almost unnatural seeing her house black dead, with no lights. However, yeah we’ll keep in touch and everything, but the physical presence if comforting 🙂 And I know what you mean by, ” time doesn’t define when people get close.” I had a friend who left school in class 6 and we are still intouch. In fact, we met up last year and it was still the same! So, yeah, if she is truly the person she is, I know our friendship would last distance and time. Thanks, that really cheered me up 😀

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  2. Awe, I know what it’s like to split away from friends! When I moved to Ohio, I missed my best friends I was leaving at my hometown. It doesn’t get better overnight, but I promise you that it will get better! 💯😉 Also, I LOVE the poem! 💗👏👏 It’s a beautiful piece, and I hope you write more! 😊💕

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  3. Aaaw hang in there love. This is a feeling you’ll become all too familiar with as you move on from school, college and then from one city to another etc etc. As Nisha pointed out, you can keep in touch via Skype, Facebook etc, and it gives you extra reasons to travel and visit people. I know its hard to leave good friends (I’m in the exact same boat right now) but there’s always the hope of new friendships in the future! 🙂 Cheer up. Sending you love and hugs sis ❤
    p.s. Love the poem

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  4. Same happened today. My best friend, and me… Well, she left the school today, and till yesterday night I couldn’t get a grip on the fact that she’s gonna be gone, and today we talked like everything is the same, and we didn’t cry until the last half an hour and she left me a poem, I left her a letter and we… She’s gone and it’s still hard for me to accept that. I just… I… Don’t know, and I’d give anything to have her back and the funny part is that even thought I’m crying, I can’t feel or think and I don’t think she’s gone. I don’t want to write either but it feels like an illusion and I don’t have much photos and I’m restricted to communication. I feel like I’m sleeping in an ice bed. And I don’t want to get out. Ever.

    I’m sorry if this was a rant.

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