Trudging In Silence.


Just because I don’t say doesn’t mean I don’t speak.
I choose to be quiet because that’s who I am.
Yet I speak, when needed to.
And I fight when needed to.
I raise my voice to throw light on truth.
I raise my voice to deliver justice.
To all harmed, I treat them with care.
Trudging slowly, yet bravely,
Into the great unknown.
I speak when spoken to, I laugh when needed.
But I like that little corner of me,
When I bundle with a cup
Of coffee and a book to read.
I delve into the lives of the unknown,
Unseen faces, bring them to light.
I speak when needed to, I fight when needed to.
Further and further I step in their lives,
Not voluntarily, but out of duty,
For I do my job,
Step away from the me corner,
And trudge, only speaking when needed.
And finally, when I perish,
Quiet and rarely understood,
My voice shall speak what my heart stood for.
Because I spoke when needed,
I fought when needed,
And that has made all the difference.


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