2014 In Retrospect

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

2014 has been a tumultuous journey. There were many ups and downs, also it lead to the recovery of my blog and made me fall in love with it all over again. Blogging is my escape, from this tired life, and I would absolutely not mind spending the entire day in front of this laptop screen and type whatever enters this mind. Anyways, WordPress is awesome, and it created this review-y kind of a thing that collects the stats and presents it in a pretty way. Go through it once, it’s fun, I promise!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,200 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 53 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

With Just A Second Of Breath.


With just a second of breath left in me,
I’d like for the world to see,
What I am, who I’ve become,
What I’ve done, the thoughts,
That became my actions.
I want the world to identify,
the things that touched my life.
That changed my life for better or worse.
And affected those who I acquainted.
I want the world to see the beauty,
that my dying eyes now see.
I want them to smell the lovely scents,
that my nose now fills itself with.
To forgive and to forget, I want the world,
To spread the air of love and peace.
I want the world to spread happiness,
Like the happiest we’ll ever be.
The young should celebrate, the old rejoice,
saved by the dangers of this earthly life.
To spend the lovely times they’ve got,
Happily and with laughter.
I want the world to live freely,
to never be scared or hold a grudge,
For life is too short to be spent,
In pain, misery or regret.
I want the world to make mistakes,
To love and to learn,
For a heart that loves shall see no pain,
Merrily won’t it ever trudge.
So, with just a second of breath left in me,
I say, live your life. Don’t fear. Dream.

This is my random usual chemistry class poem. I hope that you like it.

Who Am I?

I’m a damn mystery. No one can reveal me. I’m quiet, shy and boring. I have a wild side. I sing, I dance, I scream. I feel happy. But does this wild side have a name? Or is it a reflection of my truest nature? Or is life just messing around with me?

I’m a nerd, the nerd who doesn’t score. I belong to that special group of people who everybody fails to understand. Maybe, we don’t want to be understood. We’re that group of people who are different than the rest.We hate attention, yet we secretly crave it. We aren’t rebellious, we are the ones who don’t pray but are generally good. We’ve a wild side that rarely makes and appearance. We are emotionally weak but stand firm as a pulled wire. We are stubborn. arrogant and unfailingly selfish, but we just need a poke to be broken down, to reveal the unseen face of helpless. We are those who want to be good, act good, do good, but we wonder what bad would be. We swear, we curse, but only in the company of our damaged souls. We are affectionate, compassionate yet we want to be strong. We clench our teeth and bite our tongue when we want to cry and we hold back tears and a hell lot of pain when we laugh. We are alone, enjoy loneliness yet we desire company. We rarely lie, yet it’s always on our tongue. We’re private, ignorant. But we just live in our own world. We cry at night when things are bad and laugh at times spent. We cherish every moment and live them again and again. We are scared, protected and misunderstood. When we truly meet ourselves, we are surprised at the people we’ve become. We are people who snuggle at night, crave intimacy, but chicken at the chance. We run away. We’re scared of the world. But when we are understood, we’d take a bullet for them. We’d take a dagger for them. We love unconditionally. We’re brutally honest, appreciative and flattery isn’t in out nature. We speak what we stand for. There’s no falseness. We’re unique. We’re unique. We’re free. We love to explore. We love new places, new adventures, new people. But we hate to talk to them. We are good listeners. We’re problem solvers. We solve problems people have, yet fail to solve our own. We’re lazy. But when we are high, he can bring cleanliness the speed of tornado. We’re angry, short tempered and sensitive. W’re forgive but never forget. We often regret our actions, We despise ourselves at moments of weakness. we’re proud and haughty. We’re egoistic. We are unabashedly proud. We never apologize. We are highly creative. Brainstorming is second nature to us. We’re innovative. We decipher ideas and make dreams come true. We can’t say no. We’re weak willed and unchallenging. We are undisciplined. We lack confidence. We’re shy, introvert and hyper extremes. We’re cool, stylish and have outdated thinking. We choose comfort over fashion. We don’t give a fuck to what people say. Yet we value their opinions. We’re the best.

But I think I like it this way. I like me. I would change myself for the world. I wouldn’t. Would you?


Spreading Happiness in Ten Days.


With just ten days for the new year’s eve, I think its time to free myself of all the negativity that I had to encounter by actually doing something. And by something, I don’t mean moving my ass from one bed to the next or to make myself a cup of coffee. It’s time to do some good. No matter how insignificant. Because, as some one has rightly said (?) what matters are your intentions. Our pure hearts and innocent minds should be free of all malice, jealousy and confusion that 2014 gladly bestowed upon us and we should all work together towards a new beginning. And for a new beginning, we should be free of our past.

To make my past an interesting one, I’ve decided that I’d be doing some good (for myself, my family and the world) everyday, for a new beginning. And believe me, it’s not one of those Christmassy things where I demand Santa to give me something because I did this and that for he and she. For all those suspicious ones, I’ll be posting Deed Of The Day starting tomorrow everyday along with photos, so that you don’t pass of my work as yours if you want something from Santa at the last minute.

Just for some ideas, I’ve posted a list of things that I plan on doing, and if you’ve got some better ideas, feel free to comment.

1. Blanket distribution: Most of us aren’t as privileged as I am, to have two blankets and a heater by my side at, what, 7 degrees?

2. Bread and soup: I plan on inviting some of the people who work daily in my neighborhood for some hot soup and bread to feed on, for it is sinfully cold and that some hot soup would just be welcome.

3. Old clothes: For those of you unaware, I have an extra large body, and that it’d probably be true to say that I have eons of small clothes. I think it’s time to give them to those who actually need it.

4. Visit an orphanage: Some Christmas can be made good by just lighting up others’ life. And children, as they say, are God’s gifts. So some happiness for them. However, I’m still planning on it as I can’t drive, so I need a driver- my dad or mom.

5. Taking responsibility: At the beginning of 2015, I’m planning on funding at least one child’s reputation from the money that I have, thanks to my relatives.

So guys, these are some ideas that I have, that will (hopefully) bring some happiness into other’s lives. Please do comment some little things that I can do, or some little things you have done that brought happiness and lit up someone’s life. Till then, farewell.