Currently writing from my mobile phone in Kufri! Yay, my dad finally agreed to take us out these holidays and guess what? Its snow all around. In fact, just next to the hotel we are in lays a huge snow clad area.

For a person who has never seen snow, this is an awesome trip. These night was extremely cold but the mornings. The snow perfectly reflects the bright sunlight and looks like it is summer all around, just with the snow. We reached here just yesterday, and its been fun. We went for a walk in the hills that left us breathless, yet we had fun. Then we went to the local market and bought some basics.

The snowfall had occurred on the 4th, so its turned into ice and its very slippery. I almost fell in front of a car, but my dad grabbed at the last moment. My mom slipped badly, and since then, she’s been this snow ninja, and walks at the speed of a turtle.

We’ll be visiting the Jagu temple today and then we’ll go skiing. Finally! Then we’ll just play in the snow. We might also go to Shimla or Chail. Let’s see.

Right now, I’m off to bath. The water has finally heated up. I’ll try and keep you posted. Bye.


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