Unravelling Broken Threads.

After numerous conversations, heated arguments and many debates later, I have arrived at the conclusion that I’m going to post pages from the story I had worked on for quite some time and is presently on a standstill due to infinite reasons excuses. I’d started writing this when on September 16, 2014 after an idea hit me like thunder. I worked on it religiously for about a month or so, and then it started happening sporadically. Now, it is on a standstill. I’ve since then struggled to continue but nothing worth writing hits me. Maybe your feedback will help me to write further.

The response I get after posting the first 3-4 chapters will determine whether I continue to post the story or not.

So presenting to you the cover of Unravelling Broken Threads.


Unravelling The Threads is about a girl named Jennifer, whose mind functions on a frequency very different from her family. Her ego and status at school is hurt by Nick, who after repeated attempts to befriend her, challenges her to participate and win the school elections to be held the next month. What follows is Jennifer’s journey from a unpopular, arrogant, unfriendly person to becoming the most popular candidate in the elections, tracing her life, making friends and memories, in face of all that suffocated her inside. Friendship, romance and memories all come together to give a story worth reading and cherishing. 


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