Music Today: 31/07/2015

Let Her Go: Passenger

Releasing Year: 2012

There is nothing to say if you listen to the lyrics of this song. How often do we forget to appreciate the things that are with us and then realize their importance only when they are not? This is the perfect song for me. The tune, the song, and oh! the lyrics.

3 Day 3 Quote Challenge.

I was nominated by The Glass Bangle for the Three Day Three Quote Challenge. Both her poems and herself are beautiful. Be sure to check it out.

Quotes are a means of inspiration. They snippets of people, or lives, of times. These snippets are important life lessons, something worth imbibing. For this challenge, my aim is to not just share some small stories with my readers, but also to clear some misconceptions. As a proud Indian, a big part of my upbringing was Bollywood. Some comedy, some romance, some inspiration ad some thrill, it all was- and is still- a part of how I think. To everyone who thinks that B’wood is all about song and dance, the quotes that come for the next three days will prove you wrong.

Day One:


“Memories are like boxes of sweets. If opened, you can not have just one.” 

Isn’t it true? How many times have you found yourself reminiscing about your past. How collectively those sweet and sour memories lighten up your day almost instantly. Your life is a series of events, some of which stand out than the others. It’s however delightful when you chance upon some old, forgotten memories. So, today, just take out you old photo album or your teenage mixtape and bask in the memories of times spent with your loved ones.

For day one, I nominate Sophie.

The Delinquent.


Inspired by Phoenix’s story, The Delinquent here.

Come one, come all, let me tell you a story.
A story with a message, that’ll soon find glory.
There lived a girl, in the dark nooks,
Unsightly she was, she kept everyone on hooks,
Though she didn’t give a damn about her looks.
She found solace in the company of books.
She was extraordinary, but no one cared for her.
Her mom was dead, a second after she stirred.
She grew fast; her childhood passed in a blur.
Forced to make decisions of which she wasn’t sure.
In her friends, she couldn’t confide.
Her genius, she wasn’t able to disguise.
Her dreams crushed in the same nooks.
And she learnt something from the books.

Malevolent turned she, and brought misery,
To everyone who thought that she appeared nasty.
All who thought that it was beauty before brains;
Full of people, she blew up the train.
She could claim that she built the bomb.
But that would be a pretense for all forlorn.
Still, they fail to unravel her mind,
Intellect appreciated, yet criticized all the time.
Although, it’s criticism is where the tip is more bent.
After all, she was a delinquent.

Five Word Challenge: July 2015

I came across the Five Word Challenge: July 2015 set by David/Megan here through a challenge response. I found it interesting so here goes my post. But before you get reading, I would like for you to take a look at my previous post Music Today here to know the background story and get properly into the feel of it.

The story starts here:

We look so weird because papa was testing the timer of the camera.
We look so weird because papa was testing the timer of the camera.

I am crawling on the floor and mumma is in the kitchen, probably preparing dinner for us. I am trying to walk these days. Sometimes, I stand for a few seconds and then collapse on the floor. When mumma first saw me stand for three seconds, she nearly cried with happiness. Now, when she is free, she sits some distance away from me and tries to make me walk, holding my hand or finger till I reach her. She claps when I do. She is so pretty when she laughs. I make my way across the room to the kitchen and hug mumma’s leg. She sees me and smiles, “Niki, come on!” 

She abandons her work, scoops me up in her arms and kisses me. She carries me towards the open balcony and there, some distance away, we both see the sun set gradually behind the mountain range that surrounds our small town of Phuntsholing. I see that she glances at the bridge across the valley that materializes from the dense tree cover  and I know what she is thinking. She is waiting for daddy. 

Suddenly the clouds rumble, a low, growling sound, that sounds very similar to what daddy makes in the bathroom when he is constipated. It comes as no surprise to mumma as it rains every other day here. I like it because she lets me play in the rain. She sets me down in my swing so that she can pick the clothes she had left out to dry. 

After she is done, she carries me inside and feeds me daal and rice. It starts raining soon after. Daddy has still not come. I can see that mumma is worried. It is already dark, and the rain makes it extremely hard to drive on the curvy roads. Suddenly the bell rings. I let out a shriek of happiness and crawl-run my way to the door, where mumma is already there, with a towel for daddy to dry. Daddy looks tired as he removes his tie, but as soon as he sees me, his eyes light up and a grin makes in way. He picks me up, kisses me, and says, “Muchano,” I don’t know why he calls me that, “kaisi ho?” How are you? 

I shout again and he throws me in the air. I laugh happily as he catches me. Mumma says, “Dinner is ready. I have set it in the balcony so that we can enjoy the rain too. You can also click some photographs.” She adds with a smile. She knows my father is an avid photographer; how much he loves to click my photographs and how much I love modelling for him. 

Daddy takes me to the balcony and on the way, we pass the music system. “You know what, Muchano,” he says lovingly, “there is a song that I luuurve, would you hear it?” he tickles me as he says. I laugh again, as he puts on a cassette. 

“Jagjit Singh,” he says grandly. “One of the finest shayars of all time.” 

As they settle down for dinner, and me for a round two, I look around me and smile. This is my family, these are the people that I love. My life is not illusion, it is a reality. I am happy. 


Music Today: 28/07/2015

Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti: Jagjit & Chitra Singh

Releasing year: 1987

I’m not usually a ghazal sort of a person but whatever! This ghazal is a childhood memory of sorts. In Bhutan, I was the only child, and therefore the most pampered one. My father, I remember vaguely, used to come up from the office early just to spend quality time with me and my mother. All I remember from that time we spent together, a memory that stands out vividly that the rest blurry recollections is this ghazal. How this came about? A few years ago, this suddenly came on the radio and I started singing it reflexively. I was surprised about that. And then I remembered suddenly. I asked my mother. She told me that when we were in Bhutan, this was one of my father’s favorite ghazals and that he used to play this many times when he returned from the office.

Now, a few years down the line, I love this ghazal not just because of the memories it brings, but also the lyrics.

Ye daulat bhi le lo shohrat bhi le lo bhale chhin
Mujhse meri jawani magar mujhko lota de
Bachpan ka sawan
Woh kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani
Woh kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani

I am sharing a rough translation of the song paragraph wise so you can understand and appreciate it simultaneously. 

Do take my gold, and my fame, if you must
 You can have my youth if you so do will
 But do give me back my childhood showers
 My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

Do take my gold, and my fame, if you must
You can have my youth if you so do will
But do give me back my childhood showers
My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

She, who, lived here as old as the road
She, whom we children, called granny
She, who wrapped fairies in sweet songs
She, whose wrinkles of years so many
And who, try as much, could forget them
Her fresh long tales filling nights so tiny

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

To walk out in the scorching heat
To larks and those jays and chasing butterflies
We’d marry our dolls and fight over it
High in our swings jumping far from watchful eyes
And those little trinkets of copper and bark
Those deep scarlet marks of broken bangles and cries

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

To drag our feet over smooth high dunes
A castle here, a hillock there
Our innocence filling every picture and tune
Our life of toys and dreams
In a world of joy, relations none did prune
Wasn’t it beautiful, that life of ours?

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

My little paper boat, the fresh rain’s thrill

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Cynic, an original name I made for a dear blogger friend, from The Finicky Cynic has nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. This is the first time I’ve received this award, so a double thank you! Just so you know, I like to think of myself as Norberta, the Norwegian Ridgeback.


On Googling, I found that The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just a someone who follows and comments regularly. 

So, the rules of the award are:

  • Put the award’s logo on your post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers.
  • Let your nominees know you have nominated them.
  • Post 7 facts about yourself.

Facts about myself:

1. I’m actually surprised that I never told this to you before, but I lived in Bhutan till I was 4.
2. When I was 8/9/10, me and my cousin had a Momos eating competition. I ate 19, yet I lost by a very small margin though. It was because my mom was making them and she was tired, so she asked me to lose the challenge. #idealdaughter
3. I attended class nursery twice, once in India and once in Bhutan.
4. I once received 24.5/25 in English and my teacher called my paper ‘flawless’ in front of the entire class. It is my proudest moment.
5. I binge watch OTH and FRIENDS.
6. Bhoppan² (hey there, creepy friends!) propose to go on a road trip to Goa and get a similar tattoo there as a mark of their friendship once they finish with class 12.
7. I painted this.

Ignore the shitty webcam quality.
Ignore the shitty webcam quality.

My nominees are:




Little Rants


Yashika (It’s been a long time!)





Congratulations everyone! I look forward to your posts! Additionally, I would like to thank ya’ll for the incredible support and unlimited generosity you have shown to me and my blog by reading the creations and the rants of a seventeen year old. I love you all.

Music Today: 27/07/2015

Dua: No One Killed Jessica

Releasing Year: 2010

This song by the controversial movie, No One Killed Jessica has a lot to do with what the entire nation is feeling at the moment, having lost an idol and the best president it has ever seen. The song in itself has such beautiful music and the lyrics are soothing. Meenal Jain, who has sung this song, has done justice by delivering a song that is both hopeful and sad at the same time. Also, in the movie, the song is strategically placed to as to arouse the maximum goosebumps.

The movie based on the notorious Jessica Lal case gave us the chills.

APJ Abdul Kalam.


Shell Shocked.

The greatest President India has ever seen, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, passed away this evening after a heart attack. I feel sorry for the nation who lost such an eminent and a respected scholar.

I was very small when he was the President of this country. Yet I have vague memories of that time, each better than the last. One of my earliest memories of him was the time when he had come to our school for a function. I don’t remember much of his speech but I remember how he had the audience spellbound with his words. The entire auditorium was bathed in his words of wisdom. I remember how at ease he was when he talked to the children, how cordial with the adults, and how the each word that came from his mouth resonated with everyone present at some subconscious level.

Also an accomplished physicist working at ISRO, he was a respected person, a philanthropist, an educationist, a courageous soul, who despite many adversities, carved a niche for himself. He was a visionary who lived to a glorious and a ripe age of 84.

I’m honored to have met him and have learnt something from his respected life. I feel it that I owe it to him to read his book, “Wings Of Wire” that had been laying in my bookshelf for the past 2-3 years. It’ll be my way of showing how much I looked upto him as a human being.

Rest in peace, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. You are truly an inspiration.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at our school.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at our school.

Soothe Sundays #5


Image source:

Editing by: Akanksha Varma

In the midst of life, we are in death. -Proverb

I was introduced to this quote by the very talented Phoenix, whose blog title is this line, and I remember falling in love with it the second I read it. For me, it says about the time of our life that we spend by surviving, not living. Of the time we spend groaning and crying instead of living and being happy. What do you make of it?

Music Today: 24/07/2015

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark: Fall  Out Boy

Releasing Year: 2013

This is a song whose lyrics I don’t know, just only the chorus, and it is awesome! I made my acquaintance with Fall Out Boy on a One Tree Hill episode and I was not very impressed by the band. However, this song has made a lot of effort to become the song of the day. The music rocks, the chorus is simply amazing. Sit back and enjoy!