Veracity Challenge.

The ever sarcastic Sophie has nominated me for this challenge, whose meaning I didn’t know, by the way, but she told me in her post. Veracity means accuracy.

Well, this time, in this challenge, you have to write something that doesn’t have any adjectives in it. Can you believe it? It’s a crime against English. No adjectives?! Blasphemous. But since I don’t like ignoring challenges, I have completed this one here below.

The rules for this challenge:

1) Write a paragraph without using a single adjective.

2) Keep the link of the original Veracity Challenge in your post (so that the creator of the challenge may receive a pingback)

3) Anyone can join the challenge, you don’t have to be nominated!

4) Nominate 6 Bloggers for this challenge

Just before we proceed, a gentle reminder for us classy blogging society: Adjectives are words that describe nouns. So, my response is here:

There were people standing there. The entire hall was filled with people, so much that there wasn’t even an inch of space. They peered above each other’s shoulders, wanting to see the proceedings of the judgment. They were waiting to hear what the king would say to the accused. They were whispering, as they believed the king and his verdict. They believed that for the the men accused, there was no pardon.

At once, a voice rose from among the crowd and they made way for the person to who that voice belonged. He held up his hand and smiled. He looked at the king, bowed, and made his way to the convicts’ place. The crowd was perplexed. Never before had it happened that a person had disrupted a sentence just as it was about to be delivered.

“I am here to speak on behalf of the,” he held his hands and formed a double quotes sign saying the word, “convicts.”

The king believed that everyone should have a chance to present their opinion. He asked, “Why you? Why not any of those?” He pointed to the convicts.

The man smiled and said, “Because they cannot hear and didn’t understand anything you said. Is it delivering justice if you don’t hear the story from everyone?”

How was it? Are there any adjectives? So sorry if there are. I tried my best. But did you get any of it? Did you? Did you? I had such a lot of trouble with this one. If it hadn’t been for him

Anyhow, I would like to add a twist to this challenge. I want all the nominees to continue this from here where I have left it. I will reblog them all here.

The nominees for this are:







Finicky Cynic

Had to nominate these awesome people! Anyways, good luck. And for the rest unnominated, I’d love for you all to do this challenge! Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Veracity Challenge.

  1. Thanks for the nomination! But Akansha, you are one evil person. The challenge is difficult as it is, did you have to add a twist to it?! 😛

    Lol, I’ll try my best to finish the challenge! But I’m on a break right now.. So I might respond on it after a while.. I hope that’s okay?

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