Maths Test Fury

Class XI. Maths Test. 10 questions. Sixty Minutes. May seem enough to some, but not me. Okay, I’m sorry to have been so irregular, but I couldn’t find inspiration “around the corner”. Also, my UT’S. Have been very busy. My maths test was last Friday. It went horrible. So I composed this poem to unleash my fury and hence the title.

Maths, my dear,
You have become my fear.
You name is so small.
But the paper compromises it all.
Ten big questions, brandished like swords,
Makes us remember all our Lords.
Your one hour time limit,
Feels a little too bit.
Seeing the paper made me feel,
You are easy, it was surreal.
Thought I and I began to write,
But I was up against time in this fight.
I wrote and wrote but it never came to end,
The swords pierced me, I couldn’t defend.
Ultimately, lost I,
I cannot defy.
I put up a good fight,
But my mom was right.
I need to write faster.
Else the results will be a disaster.
So finally I lost some tears,
And it was because of you my dear.

For all the curious ones, I scored 13. Yeah, on 25. Shame on me. Hell, disaster!


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