Happy 3 Years, My Love!

First of all, a very happy anniversary to me! No, not my birthday or engagement, but this blog. This baby just turned three today! I’ve been happily married to ‘The World Past Me’ for three years now. And I’d like to congratulate this URL for having managed to stay with me for all this time, I can be very difficult if I want to.

So, its time for speeches! First of all, I’d like to thank my father was this amazingly brilliant, mind engaging idea of “launching” this blog on the public sphere. It gives me absolute pleasure to see my stats everyday! I’d like to thank my mom and my sister for having allowed me to log on their emails and subscribe to this baby.

I’d like to thank Garg Aunty, my tuition teacher for having taught me how to write. I am forever indebted to you, ma’am.  I’d also like to thank Enid Blyton for having written the ‘Famous Five’ series that was actually the first book I bought (thanks again, dad) and read. And finally, to all those people who take out time and visit this blog, regularly or otherwise (although I know this is usually visited my children who wish to proceed with their summer holiday homework) and appreciate my stuff. Thanks a lot for encouraging me to present more to you guys!

With your appreciation, I’ll hopefully write more and write better and present you all with more engaging stuff.

Till then,

Cheers, Akanksha


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