A Twinkling Eye.

This poem was composed impromptu, for a Creative Writing Competition that was organized in my school today. The first line of the poem, was the topic. How do you feel about it?

A twinkling eye can mean many things,
A depth in the souls’ many rings.
A sliver of hope when everything’s blue,
In the mystery of life, a clue.
A twinkling eye speaks laughter,
it’s free. It knows no master.
And it can be the recipe for disaster.
Insight of one’s intellect,
Evidence of profound knowledge too,
Points to ideas, choices, beliefs and sects,
Its attracting, magnetic, piercing through.
Its sly, can be true, or diligently sincere,
Also a look of courage displacing fear.
Witty, sarcastic, and smirking sometimes,
Looking both sweet as sugar and sour as lime.
A twinkling eye can be the gate to memories,
Both joyful and melancholy, as you please.
And so, a twinkling eye can mean many things.
Depends on the minds of people what meaning it brings.

“The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart.” – Bible, Proverb 15:30