The summer vacation is here. It basically is a 10 – day – enjoy – 40 days – boredom kind of a vacation. It is truly said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull dog.” However I would like to add, “All play and no work make him even dumber.”

I mean, come on, either the school authority plan to give us so much work that we barely have time to rest or they are, like, absolutely Do – whatever – you – want – to kinds of people. I am usually not very active, and am generally found resting (lolling around and doing nothing). However, this vacation, I seemed to have changed. Of what was before a formality, I keep asking my mom to give me some work, be it to mop the floor or to wash the clothes or to go to the market to fetch something, I am mostly willing to do it (Only if it is not too hot). My mind seems to be empty and all that ever retained seems to be draining away. When not put to use, what do you expect?

“An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. I have finally understood its meaning. All day long when I am not doing anything and just roaming about the house doing nothing, my mind seems to be formulating plans on different schemes to mess things up. For a person like me, who is usually very non violent, this looks unusual. I can practically hear my mind buzzing around to create ideas to trouble my sister, who is a little short tempered or to cut, tear, mess and unarrange the things around. I also seem to giving away my hobbies like to read books is exchanged by working on the cellphone, playing by watching the telly and talking to family by listenng to songs in a dark, empty closed-door room. Looks as if I am addicted to the telly and the phone, considering the amount of time spent on them as compared to earlier.

Even my practice of bathing early and waking up early too, has been replaced by waking up late and bathing even later, mostly after noon. I feel exhausted just by lying on the bed and doing nothing. I feel all the energy energy stored inside me slowly draining away. All i do is now lay on the bed and listen to songs on the earphone.

I have started to feel sort of restless, wanting to do some work and just hope that these holidays end as soon as possible.

It’s Playtime!


Vacations are approaching
I have planned my day
I would stay in home, less
And be down to play.

My friends would be waiting
To meet me, day in and day out
I will enjoy much with them
And with them, have laughter bouts.

I would study a lot more.
As to complete my homework
It would be so much fun,
When I would be with my cousins.

So finally, vacations are fun,
For getting tanned in the sun,
I will paint, shout and run
In this whole month.