Fall For A Magician.

Fall for a magician. Fall in love with a magician, a magician whose words weave mystical lands in thin air, who draws blind faith of a fading summer, whose voice makes the insides warm and squishy and it is as if everything is just right.

Fall for someone who cannot admire you enough despite the imperfections that you make evident, complaining; someone who lends to these imperfections a rhythm, a symphony, a song, a tune while stringing their guitar in the morning, while you indulge in some breakfast in bed that they prepared for you, in a voice so beautiful that it makes you giggle and blush.

Fall for someone who isn’t afraid to tell you how they fell for you; someone who chooses the right words and isn’t hesitant to tell you when it happened, almost like two worlds colliding, two universes colliding and being one for eternity; someone who can write a book about how they love the way you brush your hair, or the small mole on your back, or the color of your eye, or the glint n your hair when sunlight falls on it.

Fall for someone who paints you while you sit engrossed in your book, someone who converges the two you’s: the one of their dreams and the one that is you, in yellows and reds and in colors unseen and shades unnoticed, small details that give incredible depth and beauty and charm and poise to that simple crayon painting, making it so beautiful to look at, that it hurts.

Fall for someone who makes you their muse. That way, it doesn’t matter if you live or you die, if you laugh or cry, if it works or if it doesn’t, because it will always be there when you’re sad or lonely or depressed and you feel unloved and ugly, and maybe for just some time, your song, your poem, your picture will make you happy, and maybe, just maybe, make everything better for a while.

So fall in love with a magician, and it might just the be the best thing you would have ever done.


Happy New Year.


A new beginning.

2015 was a very varied year for me. And to sum it up, I’d say it was quick.

Grade 12 kept me pretty busy, and enjoyed my life most of the time. Yes, there were bad times too, when I was hopeless, when I wanted nothing more than to give, and when I was pretty screwed up. But then there were some amazing times too. I learnt a lot about my truest friends, I tampered a lot of relationships and I mended quite a few. I change a lot. I was more cautious with the relationships I invested in, and I was more invested at the same time too, I contemplated quite a lot on who I was, who I am, and who I aspire to be. I lost quite a few people, many went far away, vacant spots in the heart, the only medicine to the pain it causes being the memories that we shared.

I travelled. Starting from a trip to Kurfi and Shimla, in January, where I saw snow for the first time and a small expedition to Agra in April, where I striked off my first Bucket List item- taking a selfie at Taj Mahal at dawn (and both of whose drafts are still in my drafts tag), followed by visiting lucknow in June (for my SAT) where I met up with some distant and some relatives as well, followed by the best trip ever- to Kashmir! It was an year I spent quite a lot on road.

At school, graduation approached (one month people), we gave an amazing farewell to the senior class. I got an award for my poetry, and I ventured (tried to) venture beyond my comfort zone, and I think I improved in terms of my social anxiety, I think. I made new friends, I learned new things (I think) and there were times I was quite frustrated (as anyone who’s read my blog regularly might know), but I grew. Yes, I grew.

At my blogosphere, I tried to be pretty active, though it was not possible at times. Nevertheless, TWPM made its presence felt worldwide and I got some 13k views on my blog this year (thanks to you!) TWPM made an Instagram page (@theworldpastme: go follow) with a lot of photos and other writeups. I met some amazing bloggers and made some great friends- Adi, Yusra, Anoop, Zareen, Ribhu, Cynic, Phoenix, Erika, Ritu- to name a few. I tried to write on a variety of topics, add a little personal touch to it most of the times. Whether it reflected in my work, only you can decide.

I worked on my physical and mental state as well, tried to be happier and kinder, and be happy with who I am and accept myself as I am. It worked, quite a bit, but it’s something I will work on, again.

As you might have guessed, it has been a tumultuous year, with a lot of ups and downs and lefts and rights. But hey, this is life. You never know what next is going to come, how you will fare, and how you will perform. What you do know is that there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud. And that, each year, you are going to get a little older, your hair greyer, your face a little wrinkled, your age increasing. This is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be.

So to all my readers, live your life to the fullest, be happy, learn, aspire, dream and achieve. A very happy 2016 to you.

When forever means forever.

As I had said, I’ll always be a happy lifeaholic forever, I am proud to say that my trust hasn’t be broken.

We are privileged to have amongst us, the newly reborn, the happy lifeaholic forever, Adi from The A Happy Lifeaholic. She deleted her old blog last month due to some personal situations, but she’s back in a completely new avatar.

She’s a ray of sunshine, truly people and is extremely smart for a 5 feet-ish someone. Go follow her, y’all, and join her as she goes on about her adventures in another country, another city, Kent, where she is pursuing her masters.

Go. I really mean go follow her.