New York

This poem is an inspiration to me, gives me pleasure. It reminds me about the place I have never visited and would love to spend my life in the future.

New York Skyline

New York, the best place on the earth,
The business capital of the world.
The dream destination on everyone’s mind.
People there, are the bitchy or kind?
The one place that makes my heart go BOOM!
The one place I want to visit eftsoon.
The shopping complexes and New Years’ Eves,
The Central Park and never ending streets.
The longest buildings that touch the sky,
The slimmest women with their hair dyed,
The men packed in suits and coats,
The streets full of cars and not of goats
The downtown and Greenwich Village,
The very famous Brooklyn Bridge ,
The ever-illuminating skyline
The place which is ever short of time.
The Statue of Liberty out in the sea,
The city of Manhattan, best as it could be.
The place that resides the entire world,
The place that inspires the fashion world.
The subway station and exciting flash mobs,
The low range and the high end shops.
The drinks with friends at the bar,
Lying in Park and see the stars.
It is the City that never sleeps,
The city that keeps changing by bounds and leaps,
So written above is what is the best about here,
This is the city I would like to spend my life forever.

The Country of My Dreams


The India of my future,
Will be the best in the world.
An India of Gandhi and Nehru’s,
The young stepping into their shoes.
It would be open and free,
To every human being.
A country safe and secure,
Where every disease can be cured.
A superpower that’s corruption free.
A future that our children would see.
Constructed by our youth,
Where no one is rude, spoilt of uncouth.
A country of my dreams,
Where everyone is in peace.
No one is rich or poor,
And everyone is at ease.
Where one corrects the others,
When they make a mistake.
And everyone is sweet and true,
And no one is fake.
The country of my dreams,
Is safe for women at night,
Where everyone is equal and,
No one has to fight for their rights.
The India of my dreams,
Will be the best in the world,
A country of Gandhi’s and Nehru’s,
The young stepping into their shoes.