Sonnet: An Ode To The Broken Heart

This is inspired when two of my favorite bloggers and amazing poets Yusra and Phoenix wrote their sonnets. This is a childish attempt at such a great form of poetry. This is my first attempt and thus, very raw. But I hope that the next few ones are more refined and you like them just as I hope you like this one. Please click on the image to see the unpixelated version of this poetry.

Sonnet 1

” The unprecedented silence echoing weakens my ground.
My head is spinning around.
My breath plays a tune unheard, unsung.
Ragged, picking the melody of the words ye flung.
Beyond care, like physical spears,
Invoking in me invisible tears
As I stand staring at your beauty which intensifies,
It was so easy to believe your lies.
You radiated an aura so pure
To trust you, our love, it was final, so sure.
Beyond repair, it has now been broken down.
You willingly give up the most precious crown.
Wearing which you ruled over my heart.
Lost in your beauty, radiance, I don’t know where to start.” 

Let It Go.


Every minute, every second is a chance,
To see the world through a different lens.
To be free, happy, without a reason,
To see beauty in the changing season.
It’s time to change my perspective, to let it all go.
It’s time to cut free, and be nice and slow.
It’s time to leave my past behind and get over you.
It’s time to see other colors. Colors other than blue.
I think I’ll see the sun, when I don’t see your face.
After your car, as you drive, I don’t think I’ll chase.
‘Cause there’s more to life than your name with mine,
Dotted with tiny hearts.
‘Cause there’s more to life than your name with mine,
There’s always a new start.

Starts With Goodbye: Carrie Underwood

P.S. I’d thought of it as a song.