The War.

Whipping hair from the wind,
Under the moonlit sky.
The only lights are those of our car,
And the sparkle of your eye.
The gravel crunching under the tire
And the waves of the dark mirror.
And the white foam on the sandy beach,
That is joined by the flamboyant river. 
The huge palm trees at the end of the land
In the shadows hide my kisses. 
The blissful silence silence doesn’t follow,
My longing caresses.
Ah, what a moment it is,
of pure joy pulsating in my veins,
Your laughter that echoes
In the dark, dusty plains.
But alas, your love is limited to,
The waves of sea that come and go,
And up till the last minute of the unlit sky 
And vanishes at the first glow. 
Then it’s time to say goodbye, 
And fare you well, my dear.
Last night I spend with you,
Before I leave for war,
Take care, my ever lasting love, adieu. 
For meet we ever again, it’s not sure, 
So hope and pray for the best. 
And never forget myself, or our love,
And leave to destiny, the rest.

Daydreamer Challenge Day 1

This poetry is in response to The Daydreamer Challenge set up by the interesting blogger The Teen Daydreamer that begins today. Look up here if you want to know more. The challenge for today is this. I hope you join this challenge because it’s fun and enjoyable and amazing here.

Please ignore the really ugly me. I was sunburned and wet to the core. This was taken when my dadi (grandma) entered the ocean and reacts hysterically to it. Clicked in June'12, Goa.
Please ignore the really ugly me. I was sunburned and wet to the core. This was taken when my dadi (grandma) entered the ocean and reacted hysterically to it. Clicked in June’12, Goa.

The first thought that came to me,
“Wow! Look at this beauty!”
That beach in Goa which was my first,
It was so picturesque, it was so thrilling,
I was sure my happy bubble, no one could burst.
The mighty ocean and the majestic sky,
Stretching on endlessly, I could feel time fly by.
The relentless winds and the humid air,
I was in the moment, I was everywhere.
The wet sand that dug beneath my feet,
Taking me with it, in the ocean, from the beach.
The occasional shell when the tide rolled in,
And from the bar beside- a tonic and gin.
The heavenly sunsets and the early sunrise,
The late night walks on the ocean side.
Sleeping beneath the stars and the night sky.
I never knew for it to be so huge, oh my!
And yes, there were dogs and shit,
But I don’t mind that a bit.
Because it was one of my best holidays,
Of time well spent- happy and gay.
And in all honesty, the best part was the beach.
It’s sad that it’s now so far beyond my reach.
Because I live in north and it’s way down in west.
And also that I don’t have so much time to rest!