23 things to do before I am 23.


Because this list is just amazing! And Rashmi is a great writer, except she doesn’t blog much (see: at all!)

Just eclectic.

1)    Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park.

2)    Be part of a New York flash mob.

3)    Meet Lord Disick.

4)    Buy a paper shredder and an antique typewriter.

5)    Meet the cast of Friends at Central Perk.

6)    Sing at a karaoke.

7)    Run a full marathon, and then win it, of course!

8)    Travel to all 7 continents.

9)    Sky-diving.

10)   Visit 221B Baker Street.

11)  Do the no pants subway ride.

12)  Go to Las Vegas, and have an experience like in the movie The Hangover.

13)  Visit the Titanic wreckage on a submarine.

14)  Duct tape someone to a wall.

15)  Say to someone “I will skinn you”, and then actually do it.

16)  Work at the Alcor and perform cryonics.

17)  Pretend to be drowning in order to get a hot lifeguard to save you at the Bondi Beach.

18)  Host the show Man vs…

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