Music Today.


Dua: Arijit Singh

This is a song that has broken all sentiments, emotions and lets the tears fall on your cheeks unabashedly. The music, the sound, the pain and the emotions, all are so evident and beautifully presented, that I can’t just stop listening to this song once. The lyrics too.


Chasing The Sun: The Wanted

This is a song by the now defunct band, The Wanted. There’s nothing wrong with this song which has a warlike music to it that I find good and pleasant. And to add to it, the rhyming scheme is pretty good. So, sit back and enjoy.


Sledgehammer: Fifth Harmony

Sledgehammer is a preppy song by the band Fifth Harmony. It’s a dance song and makes me really happy on hearing. That’s enough a reason to listen to it. Enjoy!


Khoon Chala: Rang De Basanti 

This is a sad song from a masterpiece of a movie called Rang De Basanti. The song, sung by Mohit Chauhan, manages to give me the goosebumps even after nine years of its release. It is a song of pain, heartache, emotions, and the beats bring tears to my eyes. It comes in perfect synchronization with the movie. Hats off to the makers! Must watch movie and an amazing song.


Lovers On The Sun: David Guetta 

Lovers On The Sun is a trendy, catchy song and David Guetta’s voice is perfect for this sick beat. It is absolutely perfect for party nights, discos and whenever you want to have some fun.


The Monsters: Eminem ft. Rihanna

Lately, I’m into a lot of rap. This song has tonnes of it, along with the beautiful, throaty voice of Rihanna. This song speaks about the fear of people having monsters under their bed. But then Rihanna says that she’s befriended them because she can’t get over them. A beautiful, fast paced song that’s on my playlist these days.


Khuda Jaane: Bachna-e-Haseeno

Apart from the fact that this song and the movie is the platform of one of my favorite Bollywood couples and ex-lovers, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepkia Padukone, this song is a love anthem, a few years old. The soothing tune and the beautiful lyrics creates an atmosphere of love, fondness and romance, which is exactly my mood these days. On top of my playlist, no doubt. Ignore the lousy translation below, and go for the video that has English subtitles.

Only god knows what has happened that you have become my God.


Love Me Like You Do: Ellie Goulding

Love Me Like You Do features in the trailer of Fifty Shades Of Grey and perhaps the only good thing that comes pit of the book or the movie is this song. Ellie Goulding sounds like so much in love and the song is beautiful and perfect. The lyrics aptly describe the feeling of being in love (and Fifty Shades) without bring vulgar. Its on my repeat for the past three days and I still can’t get enough. The tune tends to remain with you and you can enjoy this song, anytime, anywhere. Its so beautiful.


Chandelier: Sia

Sia has a beautiful voice as we know. This song is strong. Makes sense? No. It speaks of a party girl, the pain she feels on being treated as an object and not a person and yet it is beautiful. The lyrics are powerful, the music is uplifting and the song compliments all moods. Released in March 2014, this is a strong song on my mind.


Maps: Maroon 5

Maps, a song by Maroon 5, of the hit song Moves Like Jagger, is the song of the day. It’s a beautiful song, peppy music, catchy lyrics and a weird singing style. From the album V, this song was released in June, 2014. Adam Levine’s voice is more groovy than ever, and of course, sexy. It charts on the top 5 Marron 5 songs of my list, ad currently, my playlist.


Sugar: Maroon 5

Maroon 5 never fails to impress me. This is another sweet song with a sweeter video and and the sweetest lyrics mixed with sugar. Apart from the fact that Adam Levine is the best and that he has the hottest voice, this song’s music is retro and has catchy feels. All in all, this song is topping my playlist these days. What about yours?


Amnesia: 5 Seconds Of Summer

This is a beautiful song by the Australian boy band. The lyrics, the music, the tune, everything compliment each other beautiful. Love this on a beautiful rainy day.


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