Soothe Sundays #20

Woah, it’s been almost five months since I posted a quote. I was so preoccupied with college that I reserved Sundays exclusively for sleeping and just chilling. The past 2-3 weeks, I’d been planning to post one but Sunday passed by in such a blur that I would remember that I had to post only on Monday, but not this time!


This quote, I came across while watching Modern Family which I feel fits the world perfectly. Though I would consider myself a realist, I find myself way too often to be dreaming about things that are not even still certain. Thus, I would consider myself something in the middle of both the binaries.

What would you say you are? Leave in the comments below and have a great Sunday ahead!

Soothe Sundays #18

Yesterday, I was talking to my roommate about some really good Hollywood movies that she has watched because she isn’t very comfortable with Hindi, and talking back and forth, my memory called upon a jewel of a movie series, that I absolutely love and adore with all my heart, the Before trilogy: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight, and then I just had to watch it! According to me, anyone who’s not seen it is losing out on an experience.

So, in honor of the brilliance of the movies and in honor of love, today’s quote is:


I’d love to hear about whether you’ve watched the movie or not, were you planning to, did you like it, do you love it. Tell me how this movie affected you. Tell me why you love/hate this movie. Till then, have a happy weekend!

Soothe Sundays #15

So, my first scheduled post! Yayaya! Right now, at the time you’re reading it, I would be on a school trip, just a last trip for the outgoing class 12th (more of that later!) which is why I can’t actually post, but thank god wordpress for the schedule feature. Seems a little weird right, because it was just yesterday I told you I was promoted. Time flies away so fast!

This quote is from one of the most popular Disney characters, Aladdin. Can you relate to it?

Have you ever judged a person by their appearance? I know I have, and often, what I expect people to be is exactly what they are not and I end up being ashamed of myself. So have you? No judgement here! Post in your comments and let us know… about anything.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed