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At Articles, you will find a wide variety of articles, ranging from national issues to the latest Page 3 headlines. I have tried categorizing these into some smaller, more specific categories.

At Buzz, you will find articles about the latest in the entertainment sector, i.e. movies, sitcoms, books etc. Click here to find out more.

At Personal, you will find articles that are about my life, and my surrounding people. Sorry to be morbid, but here you can find an obituary that I wrote for my grandma. It’s good, you’ll need a napkin. You can also find my rage rants here if I have any. Or you see what my friends gave me for my birthday.

At Society, you will find out my opinions about latest judgements, polls, debates, decisions, anything that concerns the larger society.

At Blog, you will find out any blog challenges that I have done, tips that I have given, any thing that is even remotely related to blogging.

At Reblogs, you will find anything written by the vast array of writers that I found worth sharing. I reblog very little, it os only when I can’t live without sharing that i reblog. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your articles.


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