How To Write When You Cannot

Start. Start to write what pops in your head;
look around you, the universe is your friend,
observe the cold of the air conditioner induce a
shiver, feel the mattress pressing in your arse,
look at the poster on the wall opposite to you
and think of how it became what it was,
look at the books lined up against the walls
and think of how many words they must contain
and how such similar words created such a diverse
magic, look at the table and imagine the legs talking
about the weight of the bags they have to carry,
think about the guitar that lies in the corner
of the room and how it creates magic that survives
people, think about the news you heard that day,
reflect upon exactly how many people in the world
are struggling to fill the same web page that you
are, ponder upon what exactly would have been
going on in the musician’s mind before he shot
himself, and contemplate how the world came to
being- not the big bang and the planets- but how
we came, think about the whore you eyed that day
on the street, ruminate about the diamonds raining on
Jupiter, deliberate on the existence of yourself,
and dammit, just write about the vibe between the
band and their fans in a concert, lord, just start,
just start writing what comes to your head,
and if you do, I can promise you, you will never stop
writing, baby, because the world is a magic show
and it is made for people like you.


8 thoughts on “How To Write When You Cannot

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