Anecdotes From My Family #2

First of all, let me apologize for my prolonged absence. Recently, I had taken part in a contest celebrating the National Poetry Writing Month on Instagram (@theakankshavarma) that went on for the entirety of April, but which I did for some 20 odd days. Though, I fuelled me, I felt drained as I invest a lot of myself in everything I write. I left it midway. After that, I took a conscious break from all writing, and from writing, I mean typing i.e. emails, ideas, thoughts, everything had to wait.

Now I think, with purpose, I am back, and had taken a very personal post as my “comeback” post.

A few weeks ago, I had posted of an incident that had happened with my great grandfather and I had asked if you’d like more. Much to my delight, most of you said you’d like more, and I had said that I’d give you my family tree as well.

Without further ado, I present to you all my family tree, which was designed meticulously by my grandfather and I in over two hours.

Pakka Promise


Huge, right? That’s what we thought.

Just a quick go-through: I’m Akanksha, whose name is in the red font in the yellow box, at the bottom of the image. My grandfather is the first yellow box (i.e Hari) and the ‘m‘ there means ‘married to‘. The yellow boxes are my family and my first cousins. The green boxes denote my grandfather’s brother’s (i.e. Gopal) family and the orange ones are the family of his sister’s (i.e. Gayitri). The ‘?’ are the names that my grandfather couldn’t recall or/and which were unavailable at the moment. The white boxes denote all his siblings who became deceased before marrying/having kids. (This line denotes only the six children that my grandfather has recollection of seeing. He was the youngest of 13 siblings and he did never see the rest of his siblings.)

This is a chart that we plotted for reference,  just in case we forgot someone.


As can been seen, this chart lists six generations of my family, easily back up to early 1800s.

On the way, I got and received  a great idea, attaching photos wherever available, writing the dates, making it in the form of an actual tree et al. I think I’ll keep working on it, at least till I am free.

So, did you like it? Do you have a family tree? Can you trace back your family. I’d love to know.

Lately, in Akankshaland, I’ve been redecorating my room, putting up fairy lights, photographs, music arrangements, posters, plus I’m hitting the gym about 5-5 times a week, I’m trying and doing a lot of cooking,  and every weekend is jam packed with exams- I’ve 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Even if it feels like an extended holiday, it still is draining. I’ve also been watching a lot of movies of late; in the past 5-6 days, I’ve seen The Dead Poets Society, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Before Trilogy, Begin Again and I’m trying The Breakfast Club and though it sees great, the file that I have is really disturbed, so I’ve been testing my patience now. I was left feeling very happy after watching these movies and I made me feel satiated somehow. I will be seeing Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind next. My point is, I’m on the lookout for some offbeat, enjoyable, unpredictable movies like this. Do you have any suggestions, because word of mouth goes a long way. Please, please, please, let me know. I’m dying to watch some great movies and it would be a let down if they aren’t as good as these.

So, that’s all for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll be back soon, so keep tuned.




16 thoughts on “Anecdotes From My Family #2

  1. Towards the left side of the wall in our new home, we planned to build the family tree. There is a branch of study known as genograms to do this very well. I have taken up this course, but haven’t been able to put up with it.

    While doing my research on mythology and trying to plot the relationship between the family of Shantanu, I came across the chart similar to yours and that’s when I plotted chart of my family back up to 5 generations and I realized it was larger than Shantanu where my Grandmother in his place.

    I plotted on my own and I remembered almost everyone’s name 😀

    Still working on convincing for the wall piece and planning for the design.
    One is like a big actual tree spreading branches across or like solar system where planets represent parents and satellite children and so on.

    Or plot Genogram with images straight away.

    Or draw like waterfall model.

    We will keep planning. 😀
    If ever implemented will be posted on my blog. Thanks.

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    • Thank you Erika 😀 It is indeed a huge family.
      This is my grandfather’s paternal side of the family. The stories he tells me about those people are very interested and I’m very fascinated by his ancestors. That is why we planned on this side.
      He also knows some of his maternal side elders, although not as far back as this, and we’ll be trying to plot that some day now 🙂

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        • Thank you 🙂 My grandfather is a very familial person.
          It is very often that after dinner, he sets the mood and recounts innumerable heard and unheard experiences, and the most amazing thing is how his face lights up and the entire family is left in tears of laughter, even if the incident he is reciting the incident for the nth time. It’s great 😀
          My sister and I, we share a very close bond with him and sometimes, we feel that we are the luckiest grandkids in the world to have someone like him on our lives as a grandfather, a mentor, a guide.

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  2. Wow I really enjoyed reading this. You’re lucky to have such a huge family. I could relate to the emotional part. Because being an Indian I know the kind of attachment bonding and love that comes with joint families.

    Oh and I’m new to WordPress. I write poetry too. You could have a look if you’re interested. Opinions and criticism are very important. Thanks

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