Thank You, School.

Tu Shaheen hai parwaaz hai kaam tera;
Tere saamne aasman aur bhee hain
– Iqbal

“You are a falcon. Soaring high is your nature. There are skies yet for you to conquer.”

January 30, 2016. School’s over. Forever. Twelve years in a place that I sometimes hated, sometimes loved, despised, desired, longed for, a place that became my second home over the years is no longer my own, and all I wish, contrary to what I’ve been wishing the past twelve years, is that it doesn’t end, not now, not forever.

My school has given me knowledge, it has given me strength and support. It has taught me to trust and to believe in the goodness of people. It has taught me to think beyond myself and in the power of relationships not bound by blood. It has taught me all that I know and will be the foundation of all that I will ever know. But most of all, it has taught me about me, about myself, my identity, my strengths and weaknesses. I have found myself and there is probably no one else, albeit my parents, who I can credit this to.

My school is not the best school in the world. It is not the worst school in the world. It doesn’t have the best teachers, the best students, the best infrastructure, but my school has what no other will. It has my childhood- all the dropped food, spoilt skirts, torn papers, table art, my blood, my name, my tears, my laughter, every inch of me that once existed there- in the classrooms I’ve been in, in the tiny scribbling on the walls and the desks and the corridors and the school ground and the auditorium and the swimming pool and the basketball court and the canteen and the middle and junior block and beside the hostels and the bookshop and the uniform shop and the library and the computer and physics and chemistry labs and in the reception and maybe memories of my favourite teacher and my favorite junior and somehow, somehow, that is enough for me to feel like the luckiest student in the world- to have had the privilege of studying in the best school in the world. I can say with pride that I am a Apeejayite forever.

Perhaps yesterday was the last time I’d ever be there, perhaps it is the beginning of reminiscence and nostalgia that I would feel when I talk about my school and when I would bring my children to be here, but the memories of the times spent here, the bonds made, the teachers who cared for us like our mothers, will stay with me forever, till my last breath.

In the course of twelve years, I made some amazing friends, some who aren’t friends anymore, some with whom I’ve grown closer, some who have been there since forever, some who left midway, trusting me to cherish the memories- Anahita, Anusha, Simran, Riti, Sakshi, Aideed, Naru, Ekam, Rishabh, Arushi, Akriti, Preetika, Kriti, Ishika, Mansi, Aayush, Garima, Pragya, Mahima, Nitya, Ananya, Shreshth, Mayank, Kritika, Ishmeet, Rahul, Aayushi, Preetha, Kareen, Falguni, Dhruvi, Deepika, Raksha -to name some of them, and some amazing teachers, to whom I’m indebted to- Anju Ma’am, Bipasha Ma’am, Surabhi Ma’am, Rukmini Ma’am, Manjari Ma’am, Kumkum Ma’am, Alka Ma’am, Ashu Ma’am, Salila Ma’am, Varun Sir, Kanchan Ma’am, Lubna Ma’am, Susmita Ma’am, Meenakshi Ma’am, Ruby Ma’am- to name a few who have moulded me, comforted me, understood me, and loved me.

But as they say, every end brings a new beginning. This was just one chapter in my life, a pretty prolonged one at that, but it will always be with me. This is curtain drawn on a part of my life, a piece of heart left behind. And it will be there. And it will be here. And for the moment, that is enough.

“Besides, what makes any highschool special? That’s where it all happened for the first time, the pain, the heartache, the happiness.”


25 thoughts on “Thank You, School.

  1. Congratulations, Akanksha! High school may be ending, but, as cliche as it may sound, it is also the beginning of the rest of your life…and that is unbelievably exciting. You are leaving behind so many memories but you have such a bright future ahead of you. When life gets rough, as it undoubtedly will at times, you’ll always have the memories of your high school to remind you of where you came from and and how you’ve grown.

    The pictures of your classmates and friends are beautiful.

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    • Thank you Britta. It certainly was a fulfilling and a everlasting experience, that is now, ever. And yeah well, cliches are (most of the time) what keep us going when we are lost and confused and without a roadmap.
      It is exciting, definitely; new life, new people, new friends, new me but with the old memories to keep me company, as you said, whenever I’m down.
      Thank you for the best wishes and I hope Thailand’s keeping you well. Lots of love ❤


  2. I spent my growing years with the same people kindergarten through graduation. Then I went out in the world. I never talked to these people again except for one. I moved away for a long time. 40 years. Then I moved home and through facebook I reconnected. Now we are all grandparents. Some I didn’t even recognize, but I could, through the faces of these children. It’s been fun reconnecting. I will go to our next class reunion next year. Our 45th. Today, in the US it is rare for kids to grow up in the same neighborhoods and know the same kids till they graduate. It’s different now. Many have died. Some have moved away. You will cherish those memories you have as you age.

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    • Sonni, your comment left me with a wide smile on my face; it was so beautiful hearing about your 45th reunion next year and hoping and imagining myself in the same place down the line. So first off, congratulations on that milestone, and thank you. It means a lot to have someone who’s been through it all tell me about it’s aftermath, of what lies beyond the ‘we’ll meets’ and ‘stay in touches’, the reality of actually talking and being connected after your school has ended.
      It was great to read about it. Thanks a ton for sharing your experience 🙂

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      • Thank you for your wonderful comment. After so many years have passed it was interesting to see what people went on to accomplish, the strengths and talents they had and if they used them. My interest was music. I played professionally and still teach privately and the piano music I write now is what I spent years to be able to do. As a kid I wanted to create beautiful music. You can find it at One girl in my class became a wonderful artist. A boy went into the sciences. Some accomplished great things and others had families. There used to be cliques – kids who came from money – or sports – but that all disappeared because it didn’t matter anymore. Hopefully you’ll stay friends as you get older, too.

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  3. Congratulations! This is fantastic. Graduation is such a huge milestone and the feeling is so rewarding once you finish. Did you graduate early, or does the school term finish in January? Just curious! Looking forrward to your next step in life; I wish you the best!

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    • Cynic, thanks a lot! It means so much to me, such love from y’all.
      In India actually, the academic year starts in early April, and the final exams happen in March/Feb.
      However, me being in class 12, we have a farewell a bit yearly because then we have out Board (which are equivalent to the A Levels) practicals. After that, we barely have three weeks to revise and brush up after which the written exams begin in March. So, the term actually finishes in MArch end, but we got an early bid-off.

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  4. Congratulations, Akanksha! School has always been a big part of my life-and, still is, since I’m still in school. I definitely can relate with you with this passage. It’s given me so many opportunities and great memories. High school were some of my favorite years. And now, I’m actually graduating from my undergraduate studies this year and going to graduate school. Only four more years left and I’ll be officially done with school. Time really does fly, doesn’t it? Anyway, again, I’m happy for your achievements! And wishing you many more to come. 😀

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  5. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know which Apeejay you are in. But I sure as hell know, this post made me cry. :’)
    I’m feeling so nostalgic. This is so beautiful and poignant. You really touched a nerve, girl. Amazing. 😀
    Apeejayite Forever!

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