Tick Tock

Whenever I wish to read something good, I turn her and read some lines that are my favorites. Inspires me always!
Must read.

Elusive Mummers

They told me to be scared,
And I believed they had a
Reason, because these were
The men and women who
Had surrounded my being
From when I had first sneaked
A look through my eyes,
My eyes, they saw my skin and
Saw nothing different which
Could hint that I am not worthy
Of the accolades of existence
And I saw the mirror tell me
The same, but you told my
Mind that it isn’t one,
My mind, it believed to be stripped
Of secrets and it asked you to do
The same, but you snatched
Apart the clothes which kept
Me warm, and you exploited my
Noble skin, but you unwittingly
Also made it callous,
My skin, it burned till it drew red
And it hurt, but I was still not afraid
When you told me I deserved it,
Because in my heart I knew I didn’t,

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