Soothe Sundays #15

So, my first scheduled post! Yayaya! Right now, at the time you’re reading it, I would be on a school trip, just a last trip for the outgoing class 12th (more of that later!) which is why I can’t actually post, but thank god wordpress for the schedule feature. Seems a little weird right, because it was just yesterday I told you I was promoted. Time flies away so fast!

This quote is from one of the most popular Disney characters, Aladdin. Can you relate to it?

Have you ever judged a person by their appearance? I know I have, and often, what I expect people to be is exactly what they are not and I end up being ashamed of myself. So have you? No judgement here! Post in your comments and let us know… about anything.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed

11 thoughts on “Soothe Sundays #15

    • It does, but I detest doing it, even though it happens involuntarily, you know, first impressions. But then I read somewhere that the first thought that comes into your mind on seeing someone is a reflection of how you have been raised, and the what follows are your beliefs and ideals. So, maybe, first impressions help that wayy that you know if you’ve been raised right.


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