When forever means forever.

As I had said, I’ll always be a happy lifeaholic forever, I am proud to say that my trust hasn’t be broken.

We are privileged to have amongst us, the newly reborn, the happy lifeaholic forever, Adi from The A Happy Lifeaholic. She deleted her old blog last month due to some personal situations, but she’s back in a completely new avatar.

She’s a ray of sunshine, truly people and is extremely smart for a 5 feet-ish someone. Go follow her, y’all, and join her as she goes on about her adventures in another country, another city, Kent, where she is pursuing her masters.

Go. I really mean go follow her.


The will to write has evaded me. My thoughts are scattered and whatever solace I found in my words has bereft me. The words that tumbled out of me earlier, as smoothly as water from a tap, are today an ocean, and I am unable to build a boat sturdy enough to move against the current. I function these days, like a plane, who is being driven by a source far superior to my own everyday.

I have never found myself so utterly helpless and unworthy. I spend seconds staring at the wall that turn into minutes and hours, and with each passing second the feeling of being a shipwrecked passenger engulfs me. The sole inspiration of writing this post came from a quote I read somewhere, “Start somewhere, anywhere. Write a few lines. Say anything. And see what happens. Don’t think about it too much or make any fancy announcements. Justwrite. It doesn’t need to be eloquent or presentable; it just needs to be written.” (Yes, I was searching for ways to overcome writer’s block!)

Let’s hope I write again, because I really feel like I am worthless right now.