Idyllic state

So cute :’)

Breezing Whims


  • Boat ride in a river while the oars makes ripple effect along.
  • Blowing away the dandelion and making a wish.
  • Watching a toddler waiting for his/her school bus in the morning.
  • Gushing breeze when it rains.
  • Tunes of instrumental melody @6am
  • Introspecting during the long walks in the woods of SFRI.
  • Brown paper packages tied up with strings ( yea, you judged it well : sound of music)
  • Making a successful attempt to cook.
  • Opening an old suitcase filled with memories.
  • Finding a lost sock under the bed mattress.
  • Arranging a jewelry box and promising myslef to buy ‘Amrapali’ jewerly one fine day.
  • Fighting with a sibling for one bite of chocolate bar/ one mere chip.
  • Lighting of a cinnamon scented candles.
  • Walking barefoot in beaches.
  • Shimmering high heels.
  • Washi tapes with paisley prints.
  • Silences that aren’t awkward.
  • Basket full of lilies and orchids.
  • Aroma of home cooked food by maa.
  • Conversation…

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