An Incomplete Mother.

Incidentally my 200th post. Please click on the original.

The World Past Me

I felt after writing this poem that it was really mature. At least for me. Please do comment and tell me: have I managed to conveyed the correct emotions here? How did you find this poem? Thanks a lot, and with a lot of love.

3d-ultrasound-imageEleven months ago, there was a mistake
I was eighteen and in love.
There was some horror and heartbreak
some abuse, homelessness and stuff.
And when there was no way to be,
Normal as people are at eighteen
I faced it all and embraced my fate
I didn’t give a shit to all the hate.
“Keep your legs closed, you bitch!”
“And it’s no way to be a cunt.”
 “Bowled out of the league, get off the pitch!”
“I know it’s all a publicity stunt.”
Still, I got a job, bought stuff for you,
And lived off my own earning.
To pull me through there…

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