The blurry polaroid picture, the half memories

The childhood photograph of us in my wallet

Makes me want to go back in that time.

The crippling edges, the yellowing sides

Deteriorating with every passing day

Cannot cease the deterioration that

These harsh words and false promises bring.

I remember the kisses that we shared

 And I’ll never forget the ones we don’t, anymore.

The dinners we had, and the travelling trips

Together, as, one we had do much fun.

But now, all that remains is the

Blurry picture of us, I wish you could see

Before you sign those papers, today

And eliminate the existence of our family.

Mom and dad, I can never imagine

You too apart, alone, forgotten.

Please let us go back in time,

To the day in that photograph

And see how much we loved each other.

Can’t we?


17 thoughts on “Polaroid.

  1. That was very heartfelt. I think for a lot of children — especially very young ones — their parents divorcing must be like the sky shattering and falling down on them. A part of their world they always thought of as fixed and permanent suddenly isn’t that way anymore.

    Anyway, good post! Here’s a happy face for you. 😀

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  2. Great poem love. Is the separation part of it coming from real life or fiction? If it’s really happening, then I’m so very sorry to hear it.

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