Update on TWPM.

Hola readers,

I apologize profusely for my absence from the blogosphere, but I have been Incredibly busy, so busy that even 48 hours in a day won’t help me. I just couldn’t find time to post the next chapter of the novel, or the Music Today or anything. My term exams are just round the corner and there is a lot (read: A LOOOOOTTTTTT) to do. I’m due on 3 practical files, 3 projects, 1 activity file and 1 visual project on top of studying for the terminals and applying to universities abroad. I have so much at hand and my hands are so small.



And I expect the situation to remain as pathetic as it is for the next month. I have my practicals next week and the terminals on the next to next. So goodbye peeps, be good, feel good, act good and get me some good, internet-crashing notifications once I return the next month.

With lots of love,



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