Independence Day: 2015


The earth shakes and crumbles,
Like falling pieces of a house of cards,
Smoke and dust, like clouds hang low,
And the ground colors itself in fresh red.
The hot shells fall continuously in a thump,
Under the shadow of that which wounds,
And from behind the barracks
Packed tight with cement and sand,
Sweat stained brows and thumping hearts
Fire at those who threaten to harm,
Their mother. Smiling at the memory
Of when she fed them, they charge with
Passion in their limbs and courage 
in their eyes and hope in their hearts
That one day, they will see themselves
Free again, and breathe the air
That is fresh and pure and free.
All they think as their chests burst open
Painting that soil even darker
Is that they have done enough to 
Make their Mother happy. 
That they have repaid her. 
And they fall with pride in their
Eyes as they see the single dandelion
Just at the edge of the cliff, in full bloom.

This is a tribute to all those people who sacrificed their lives in order to free Mother India. This is to all the unknown, unseen faces, who fight even today, at the harshest of places to protect the nation and it’s citizens. This is to all the countless people who keep us safe.


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