Five Word Challenge: August 2015

Set by David/Megan here, The Five Word Challenge consists of five words that are taken out of a magic word box having 500 words in it. The words for this month are:

  1. Book
  2. Lost
  3. Start
  4. Milkshake
  5. Werewolf

I would advise you to watch the performance in the above link. Also, play the music while reading the story for full effect.

Five Days Ago

I have always loved travelling. My dad and I, whenever we used to take trips, he always made me record all trips. That is one huge scrapbook now. I just counted yesterday, I have visited 102 countries till now. India is going to be my 103rd. I wish to become the youngest person ever to visit all the countries of the world.

My first stop in India would be Delhi, where I’ll spend four days, after which I will drive, in a caravan, to Rajasthan. From there, I’ll start along the coastline till Kolkata. There, I’ll drop my caravan and fly to Manali and travel to Leh from there. I’m gonna be in India for a month. After that, it’s China. So India, here I come!


5:32 am

As I swallow my banana-n-milkshake breakfast, the steward gets my luggage and fills it in the hired RV caravan. The receptionist hands me a drive-to map from Delhi to Rajasthan and marks the best route for Alwar, my first stop.

4:51 pm

I exit the highway and started driving on the road to Alwar. Of course, the maximum traffic always diverted when an hour before I did because Jaipur here gets the maximum tourists.

6:27 pm

It’s been quite a while since then and I have hardly spotted a single person here.

8:14 pm

The road I had taken ended at a fort complex. I must have taken a wrong turn. Seems like I’ve lost my way. Ughh! I have to turn all the way back, find the highway and then drive to Alwar. I’m so tired now. It’s not easy waking up at four in the morning, packing up and driving. I am erect from driving and I can feel a mild headache rising. I think I’m going to just stay and spend the night here.

9:23 pm

I’ve had dinner. Beef cheeks, bread and cake. Lying on the stomach seems a little difficult now. There is not network here or I could have updated my blog and kept my readers busy. I think I might take a little walk around the fort, click some photographs, see where I am.

9:57 pm

I am back. The weird thing here is that the entire fort is uninhabited. Not even a security guard is here. There is utmost silence and it’s absolutely dark. And it’s cold. I was constantly shivering. I am more than happy to be in my caravan again. I don’t know why this place is giving me the creeps. On the other hand, I took some great photographs. One of which is a signboard. To bad I don’t have a network, I could’ve translated what this means.

ASI Sign board at bhangarh
For all my non Hindi reading readers, this sign proclaims that 1. It is forbidden to enter the area around Bhangarh between sunset and sunrise. 2. Entry of cattle is strictly forbidden. Legal action may be taken against offenders. 3. All the trees in the area are in government control. No harm should be caused to the trees. Legal action may be taken against offenders.

10:21 pm

I am reading my book but my mind keeps wandering to what my friend, Lisa told me while I was with her at the JFK Airport. She kept telling me how when she had heard from her friends that Rajasthan is the state of India’s most haunted place, Bhangarh. She told me all sorts of absurd stories about ghosts, phantoms, vampires, werewolves, doppelgangers and witches. I just laughed at them. I mean, the Winchester Mansion in California is supposed to be haunted. How many times have we been there? Seven. Did we see any ghost? No.

11:47 pm

I have finished my book. It was a sweet story. I, however, don’t feel very sweet today. I am irked and on my nerves. Maybe it’s just the long day unwinding on me. Outside, it’s pitch black. I don’t know what’s with this place. I’m going to get out of here the first thing tomorrow morning.

12:03 am

I’m drifting off to sleep. A light breeze starts somewhere and ruffles my hair. It feels misty outside and I can feel the moon’s gentle, shimmery light enveloping me. Somewhere, I hear something howl and with the tufts of winds outside, I sleep.

The Next Morning

The eagles fly high in the blue sky and the sun shines in all it’s glory. Some two thousand feet below, the area around the Bhangarh Fort is buzzing with activity. A local passing by found a fully mutilated body of an American woman recognized as Eliza Jonas, who had lost her way. The police claim the body has been in such a condition for the past seven days.


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