Music Today: 09/08/2015

Tumse Milke Dilka: Main Hoon Na

Releasing Year: 2004

A qawaali song from Sonu Nigam’s kitty and a one that makes me go ‘oohhh!’ whenever I hear it. The movie is slapstick comedy and the video is stupid, but his voice sounds so amazing and sweet here, like melting chocolate in the air. It’s like a feather on skin, so light. And whenever he says, ‘hai!’, I want to collapse and my heart wants to jump from my throat and make a spectacular ending. Last year, when we went to his concert and he was singing this song, at ‘Hai’, I was almost hysterical, and I kept shouting ‘hai, hai, hai’ because he wasn’t doing it soon; he kept saying ‘Hi’. People thought I was drunk, so much that my cousin loudly said to everyone around, ‘I don’t know this girl’.


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