3 Day 3 Quote Challenge.

I was nominated by The Glass Bangle for the Three Day Three Quote Challenge. Both her poems and herself are beautiful. Be sure to check it out.

Quotes are a means of inspiration. They snippets of people, or lives, of times. These snippets are important life lessons, something worth imbibing. For this challenge, my aim is to not just share some small stories with my readers, but also to clear some misconceptions. As a proud Indian, a big part of my upbringing was Bollywood. Some comedy, some romance, some inspiration ad some thrill, it all was- and is still- a part of how I think. To everyone who thinks that B’wood is all about song and dance, the quotes that come for the next three days will prove you wrong.

Day One:


“Memories are like boxes of sweets. If opened, you can not have just one.” 

Isn’t it true? How many times have you found yourself reminiscing about your past. How collectively those sweet and sour memories lighten up your day almost instantly. Your life is a series of events, some of which stand out than the others. It’s however delightful when you chance upon some old, forgotten memories. So, today, just take out you old photo album or your teenage mixtape and bask in the memories of times spent with your loved ones.

For day one, I nominate Sophie.


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