Music Today: 27/07/2015

Dua: No One Killed Jessica

Releasing Year: 2010

This song by the controversial movie, No One Killed Jessica has a lot to do with what the entire nation is feeling at the moment, having lost an idol and the best president it has ever seen. The song in itself has such beautiful music and the lyrics are soothing. Meenal Jain, who has sung this song, has done justice by delivering a song that is both hopeful and sad at the same time. Also, in the movie, the song is strategically placed to as to arouse the maximum goosebumps.

The movie based on the notorious Jessica Lal case gave us the chills.

APJ Abdul Kalam.


Shell Shocked.

The greatest President India has ever seen, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, passed away this evening after a heart attack. I feel sorry for the nation who lost such an eminent and a respected scholar.

I was very small when he was the President of this country. Yet I have vague memories of that time, each better than the last. One of my earliest memories of him was the time when he had come to our school for a function. I don’t remember much of his speech but I remember how he had the audience spellbound with his words. The entire auditorium was bathed in his words of wisdom. I remember how at ease he was when he talked to the children, how cordial with the adults, and how the each word that came from his mouth resonated with everyone present at some subconscious level.

Also an accomplished physicist working at ISRO, he was a respected person, a philanthropist, an educationist, a courageous soul, who despite many adversities, carved a niche for himself. He was a visionary who lived to a glorious and a ripe age of 84.

I’m honored to have met him and have learnt something from his respected life. I feel it that I owe it to him to read his book, “Wings Of Wire” that had been laying in my bookshelf for the past 2-3 years. It’ll be my way of showing how much I looked upto him as a human being.

Rest in peace, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. You are truly an inspiration.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at our school.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at our school.