Starlight Blogger Award

I was nominated by Swati from Light At The End Of The Tunnel for the Starlight Blogger Award, which is a first. Thank you so much Swati. Her Not So Terribly Tiny Tales are phenomenal. You must head to her little corner on the internet and get a glimpse into her artistic soul.


The rules of this award are:

  • Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  • Answer the 3 questions given to you.
  • Nominate Others.

Swati’s questions are-

1. If ever given a task to write a book, which topic you will hop on to?
Seeing that I’m working on three with absolutely different ideas, I have to say that whatever topic catches my fancy and makes me write is fine with me.

2. How do you define *LIFE*?
I like this quote a lot, “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” Does that define life?

3. *Emotions* – How do they guide an existence?
Everything that exists depends on emotions. You are happy, sad, lonely, miserable, cheerful, excited, nervous, scared, confident, enthusiastic, spiteful, guilty, angry or joyous, everything you feel is a part of you. And without you, there is no existence. Nothing exists for you if you’re not there. Emotions, according to me, and invariably, your existence, as without you, nothing is there to last.

My Nominees are:

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Congratulations all of you! My questions for you are:

  • What do you feel most guilty about?
  • Is there someone who can confide in each and everything? How did you meet?
  • If you could meet me, would you? Why/why not?

I look forward to your responses. All the best!

Movie Mania: Kal Ho Naa Ho *Must read and watch*

Just so you know, this doesn’t come easy. But the movie’s worth it. Read on to find out more.

Most of must have been acquainted by my love obsession for Shah Rukh Khan. Because he just happens to be the best and the most versatile actor of all times in B’wood. The movie that I am going to review today is one of my favorite SRK movie of all times. And was released way back in 2003. But it so happens that this movie touched not just hearts but souls and has tested perfectly the functioning of my tear glands.

Director: Nikhil Advani

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan, Jaya Bachchan, Sushma Seth, Dara Singh, Reema Lagoo, Delnaaz Paul, Lilette Dubey

Running Time: 188 minutes


*spoilers ahead*

This is a movie that I hadn’t expected from Karan Johar, whose expertise lies in typical commercial movies for the Indian mindset. KHNH is an artistically crafted movie with a deep message conveyed brilliantly. It is right on top of my must-watch-movies of all times.

KHNH is a movie about a Punjabi family consisting of a mother, her three children and her mother-in-law who have settled in New York after the death of the husband. Naina-Preity Zinta- is a single some twenty-ish girl who is perpetually unhappy. The only people in in her life apart from her family are her friends Sweetu, who is a terrible boy chaser and has a gigantic appetite, and Rohit, her Guju friend. Her mother and her grandma don’t along, because of the latter blaming the former for her son’s death.

One day when everything spins out of control, an angel comes into their life, in form of Aman- Shah Rukh Khan. He moves into their neighbour’s house and merges into their life like water salt in water. Aman, who is a breath of fresh air, and believes in the mantra of Kal Ho Na Ho- there may or may not be a tomorrow, is hated by Naina for his over participation in their lives. But soon, when he sets some small things aside, Naina sees the good in him, and voila! Fall in love with him. Aman falls for her too, but as is revealed later in the movie, he suffers from a fatal disease and has a very short time to live. In that time, unknown to anyone but Aman’s family, he makes Rohit fall in love with Naina.


Just before her wedding to Rohit, Naina finds out that Aman actually loved her so much that he wanted to leave love for her even after he dies. The rest of the movie is so emotional, that you can’t just sit and watch. You’ll wet your cheeks before you realize it. Aman makes Naina and Rohit marry. The scene is so realistic and everyone’s acting is so spot on that I can not relate the emotions I feel whenever I see the movie. And I know it sounds very dramatic when you read it, but when you are watching the movie, you just can;t help not being in love with the entire story.


KHNH has a beautiful music collection. The title track, sung by my favorite Hindi artist, Sonu Nigam, makes me want to take his vocal cards and listen to them at will. His voice is like dripping honey and the emotions he so beautifully conveys just through some inflictions of his voice is applaudable.

Today, let me share one more smile.
Today, let me pray once more.
Today, let me drink some more of my tears.
Today, let me live my life once again.
Today, let me dream one more dream. Today.
Who knows, there may be no tomorrow.

The comic timing when SRK and Saif Ali Khan are together is impeccable as always. When you are not crying from the emotions, you are laughing with the comedy and these guys stupidity. Preity Zinta plays Naina perfectly. You can see her irritated self fading and a happy person replacing her, the emotions are so palpable in the air. Saif Ali doesn’t have as major a role as SRK or Preity, but he gets his screen time and utilizes it fully. There is not a flaw in his performance, probably the best I’ve seen from him. SRK, though, and I say that unbiasedly here, is the person who the movie revolves and rotates around and he doesn’t let a single moment be lifeless. He imbibes the character of Aman flawlessly and there is grace in his performance. Every emotion he delves into is written on his face, and he gets every emotion and feel across to the audience very effortlessly. One of his best performances till date.


Jaya Bachchan does a great job as a depressed mother who has to work hard for their children. Delnaaz Paul tickles your funny bone effortlessly. Sushma Seth’s acting is powerful and her metamorphosis from a heartless, blood sucking mother in law to one who understands the strength of her daughter in law and vows to support her onwards is beautiful.

KHNH comes with an important message. But I think I’ll let the movie teach you that.

All in all, without any bias to SRK or anything, I conclude by saying that it’d be a big mistake if you miss this movie. It’s beautiful and tragic and hysterical at the same time. Despite it’s length, it’s a masterpiece and it’d be a shame to miss it.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: She wants you to watch the movie so much that she is sharing the links with you for your convenience. Who else does that? She also broke he own rules of titling and made use of A/N etc. She begs you to watch it right now.

Music Today: 20/07/2015

Lunica: Perturbazione

Releasing Year: 2013

This Italian song had me on tenterhooks for about a month. Caterina, my Italian friend, had introduced this song to me and it was love at first… tune. There is something so amazing about listening to a song whose lyrics/meaning you can’t comprehend. It’s almost as if a part of that place comes to you for a while. The peppy music, the un-understandability of lyrics is very awesome!