Pocket Stories #3


He was very anxious. His life depended on it. The calendar on his bedroom wall showed how much he had looked forward to this day; his daughter had put crosses on each passing day until today.

His eyes were in a blindfold and someone held him by his arm and walked him somewhere. They stopped.

“Are you ready?” a kind, female voice asked him. Her voice had a strangely soothing effect on him, yet he stammered, “Ye-yes.”

They removed the blindfold slowly, quite on contrast to how he felt inside- nervousness, anticipation, and fear. He kept his eyes closed as they slipped off the blindfold. “Ready when you are,” the same lady said. He muttered a small prayer.

One. Two. Three. He opened his eyes. He stared. At seventy fours years of age, he saw the world for the first time.

“Your operation was successful.”